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  • Pearl Harbor

    A surprise attack on the U.S navel base at Pearl Harbor on Oahu, Hawaii by the Japanese. The Japanese did this because it was the quickest way to get raid of their biggest threat, since war was inevitable
  • D-Day

    the Allied invaded Western Europe. By the end of it all of northern France was concurred.
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    Invasion of Poland

    Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland sparking the beginning of WW2
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    Battle of Britain

    The Royal Air Force defended Britain from a big Air Force attack from Nazi Germany. It was known as the first campaign to be fought completely by air forces, in the end Britain won against Nazi Germany
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    Invasion of the Soviet Union

    Nazi Germany surprise attacked the Soviet Union while they were still ally’s in the war against Poland. They did this so they could kill all the Soviet Jews.
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    Battle of Stalingrad

    The Soviet Union Defended Stalingrad from Nazi Germany. The Soviet Union was very close to losing, the city was bombed and they lost the Caucasus oilfields. The Soviet Union turned the war around and won, resulting in German 500,000 soldiers dead.