• Founded Fascist Party.

  • Period: to


  • Hitler attempted to overthrow the German government. failed, and he was sent to jail. While in jail, Hitler wrote his book, Mein Kampf

  • Chancellor

    Totalitarian dictator.
    Eliminated political opponents
  • War with China

    Rape of Nanjing – 200,000 – 300,000 Chinese massacred
  • The Holocaust

    -Thousands of Jewish businesses and synagogues were damaged
    -100 Jews killed, 26,000 sent to concentration camps Jews fined 1 billion marks, blamed for the damage German Jews try to leave the country, it was difficult
    -concentration camps were where the Jewish people were sent and held.
  • Hitler is going to attack Polland uses blitzkrieg.

    Hitler is going to attack Polland uses blitzkrieg.
  • Britain & France declare war on Germany

  • Hitler issued an order

    Quarter Jews could not recieve promotions inthe military. Also, they could be barred fromeducational establishments if their attendance wouldcause a problem for the facility. They were onlyallowed to marry Germans.
  • Germany takes over Denmark and Norway

  • Germany attacks France

    Dunkirk, 340,000 Allied troops escape. Netherlands and Belgium fall to Germany. By end of June, France surrenders to Germany
  • The War in the Soviet Union

    LeningradBesieged, 800,000 residents die StalingradMajor industrialized center in the Volga RiverAug. 42 – Jan. 43250,000 Axis forces trapped (about200,000 die, remainder surrender) Last German offensive in East
  • Pearl Harbor.

    U.S. Pacific fleet 20 warships, 200 aircraft destroyed, 24,000 Americans killed. Destroyed isolationism
  • The Doolittle Raid

    Days after loss in Philippines. 16 American bombers attacked Tokyo- Did not do major damage to Japan- Did give Americans something to celebrate
    - Did cause Japan’s leaders to worry and make future blunders
  • The War in Europe - ItalyThe War in Europe - Italy

    -Invasion of Sicily
    -Invasion of mainland Italy
    -After months of fighting, the Allies entered Rome in June 1944. This was the first Axis capital to fall.- Mussolini was shot by Italian rebels.-300,000 Allied troops killed or wounded fighting in Italy
  • D-Day. 101 Airborne parachuted behind enemylines. After a week of fighting, the Allies gained control of a 60-mile strip10,000 Allied casualties – successful!

  • FDR Dies

    FDR is assinatied and vice president, Harry Truman, takes over.
  • Hitler commits suicide

  • Germany attacks France. French Resistance – Charles de Gaulle

  • VE DAY

    Marked the formal end of the war in Europe
  • The Atomic Bomb

    demanded Japanese surrender or “prompt and utter destruction"
  • The Atomic Bomb Part 2

    -Enola Gay – Paul Tibbets
    - 80,000 killed
  • Atomic Bomb part 3

    Aug. 8, 1945 – Soviets join the war against Japan Aug. 9, 1945- Nagasaki
    - over 40,000 killed.
  • Japan’s response. Surrendered on USS Missouri