WW1 Battles

  • Battle of Liege

    Battle of Liege
    SourceAugust 5-16, 1914 - The Germans invaded Belgium making up the first battle of WWI. This was a part of the Schlieffen Plan which included invaded Belgium so they could attack France from the north. The city of Liege was the gateway to Belgium and the best entrance, but was guarded by 12 forts that were finally taken over on the 16th.
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    WW1 Battles

  • Battle of Haelen

    Battle of Haelen
    Source This battle was a cavalry battle on the Western Front at the begginning of World War 1. This battle was between the Germans and the Belgians. It resulted in a tactical victory for the Belgians, led by Leon de Witte.
  • Battle of Stalluponen

    Battle of Stalluponen
    SourceAugust 17, 1914. This battle was the opening battle of World War 1 on the Eastern Front. Although this battle was a German success, it did little damage to the Russian timetable. Rennenkampf started the invasion on East Prussia, and marched westward toward German lines. The Russians reluctantly retreated and headed home.
  • Battle of Mons

    Battle of Mons
    SourceVideo The Battle of Mons signified the first engagemnet between German and British forces. The allies clashed with the Germans on the French border. Although the British fought well and inflicted casualties on the large German army, they were later forced to retreat in defeat.
  • Battle of Qurna

    Battle of Qurna
    SourceThe Battle of Qurna was between the British and Ottoman forces. The Battle was said to be more of a skirmish then a battle. This battle is important because it gave the British a secure frontline in Southern Mesopotamia. However, even after this battle, the Ottomans would come back and try to attack again.
  • Battle of Neuve Chapelle

    Battle of Neuve Chapelle
    SourceMarch 1915, General Sir John French commander of the British Expeditionary Force agreed to a plan put forth by General Joseph Joffre, commander of the French Army to capture Aubers Ridge at Neuve Chapelle. March 10 the British were able to break through German forces and gained the land after 3 days. A counter attack by Count Prince Rupprecht to regain the land however succeeded in claiming Neuve Chapelle, but abandoned plans for Aubers Ridge.
  • Battle of Verdun

    Battle of Verdun
    SourceVideoThe battle of Verdun began February 21, 1916 and didn't end untill December of 1916. It was a 10 month long battle between Germany and France. It was a German offensive attempt to gain a western front, but neither side benefitted from the battle in the end. It's considered one of the most violent events of WW1 and the site is called "the battlefield with the highest density of dead per square yard". </a>
  • Battle of Somme

    Battle of Somme
    SourceJuly 1, 1916 the British launched the “Big Push” attack across the Somme River. The British expected to break through German forces in a matter of hours with the French occupied at Verdun. Germans stood ground taking out wave of the British infantry. After the first day the British only gained 1.5km with 50,000+ casualties. Total losses were around 420,000 British and between 450,000-680,000 troop with the British being 3 miles short which was their goal for the first day.
  • Battle of Messines

    Battle of Messines
    SourceThis battle started when the British Second Army detonated 19 mines under the German mines. Under the leadership of General Plumer who wanted to take the Messines Ridge. It greatly boosted the morale of the Allied Powers and signified the first time on the Western Front that defensive casulaties outnumbered attacking losses: 25,000 against 17,000.
  • Battles of Ypres

    Battles of Ypres
    VideoSourceThere were 3 battles of Ypres. First, in 1914, the British attempted to halt rapid German advances. Second, in 1915, was the first use of poison gas by the Germans, however the third and last is most important. In 1917 weather, aim, and misguided persistence by Haig leding the British Army resulted in devastasting losses. 250,000 casualties of both sides and horrors of men drowning in liquid mud became images of the War.
  • Battle of Cambrai

    Battle of Cambrai
    SourceFirst exploit of tanks as an offensive weapon. The British Army consisted of 6 infantry, 2 cavalry teams, 476 tanks, 1000 extra guns and the Royal Flying Corps nearby to face the German Second Army. By first day, the British had claimed and broken through Flesquieres however the German Army counter attacked days later regaining all land lost. The initial success however boosted Brtians spirits and was the firs time the church bells werre rang since the war began.
  • Battle of Hamel

    Battle of Hamel
    SourceJuly 4,1918 - The Australian Corps of the Australian Imperial Force and many American units attacked the Germans in Le Hamel, France. Their goal was to take over Hamel and its woods which was easily done in 93 minutes. Within the Allies there were only 1,000 casualties and they captured around 1,500 German prisoners.