WSR 4 Aurangzeb

  • Born

    Aurangzeb was born on November 3rd, 1618 in Dhod, Malwa, India.
  • Captured

    Dara and Aurangzeb were captured under Nur Jahan in Lahore.
  • Became Governor

    Became Governor
    Aurangzeb rose to power in Deccan and renamed Kirki, Aurangabad.
  • Got Married

    Got Married
    Aurangzeb married Rabbia Durrani and started a peaceful era for the people.
  • Invasion

    He attacked Bijapur and Golconda and regained three forts that belong to his father. His army quickly grew in strength and numbers.
  • Period: to

    Ruler of the Mughal Empire

  • Hinduism

    Hindu celebrations were banned and some land owned by Hindus was taken by the government.
  • Dara's Greed

    Dara's Greed
    Aurangzeb had his brother, Dara, executed for trying to overthrow him and get control over the entire empire.
  • Construction

    Aurangzeb had the Badshahi Mosque built, and is one of many congregational mosques built with red sandstone.
  • New King

    New King
    Shivaji pushed back the Mughal forces in Deccan, and was made the king of the Martha Confederacy. Shivaji later died in 1680.
  • Taxes

    The Jizya, a poll tax on non-muslims, was re-instated by Aurangzeb even though it had originally been removed by Akbar.
  • Died

    Aurangzeb died on March 3rd, 1707 in Ahmadnagar for unknown reasons.