Wright Brother's Gliders

  • First flight with BiPlane Kite

    This leads to the invention of flying machine with pilot.
  • flight at Kitty Hawk, NC

    Flew over a dozen free flights but total time in the air was around two minutes.
  • More test flights at Kitty Hawk, NC

    Wrights arrive in Kitty Hawk and begin experiments with a larger glider. From fifty to one hundred flights are made in July and August, ranging in distance from twenty to almost four hundred feet.
  • The Wright Brothers assembled their new glider.

    Wright brothers make between seven hundred and one thousand glides and increase their distance to 622 1/2 feet
  • U.S. Patent Office grants the Wrights patent, No. 821,393, for a flying machine.

    This leads for military expansion of the Wright Brother's planes