World War Two

  • Japanese Aggression in Asia

    Japanese armies invaded china in 1931. They invaded the city of Manchuria. Japanese armies overran much of eastern Europe.
  • Rise of Fascist Dictators in Europe

    Mussolini used his new military to invade Ethiopia. Ethiopia was beaten easily because of Italy's new weapons. Hitler also rebuilt his military. He sent German troops into the "demilitarized" Rhineland boredering France which was against the treaty.
  • Annexation of Austria

    This engineered the union of Austria and Germany. Austria would not agree to the union so Hitler sent troops into Austria. The troops were sent to "preserve order". After the troops were sent Hitler easily got his way.
  • Munich Conference

    British and French leaders chose appeasment. They gave into Hitlers demands. Also they persuaded Czech to give their land away without a fight. After Hitler got the land he assured he wouldnt expand his territory anymore.
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact

    Hitler and Stalin made a pact. It said that the other one wouldnt fight if tone went to war. It also said that they would divide up Poland equally and other parts of Eastern Europe. They made this pact so that each would get what they wanted, not to be allies.
  • Battle of the Atlantic

    The Germans wanted to prevent England from getting food, fuel, and other war supplies.They tried to sink cargo ships coming to England across the Atlantic by using u-boats. The Germans had very advanced submarines. In the end the Germans gave up eventually when too many of their submarines got attacked.
  • Phony War

    French troops stayed behind the Maginot line. British troops joined the French and waited for attacks. Hitler attacked Denmark while they waited. Hitler invaded and took over Denmark.
  • Miracle at Dunkirk

    While German forces were coming in Bristish forces were trying to leave. Britain was having a hard time getting by Germany. They sent all of their naval vessels to try and help the troops get back without being attacked.
  • Battle of Britain

    With the fall of France Britain was alone. Hitler thought that they would want peace and no war, Winston Churchhill persuaded Britain to fight on no matter what. Hitler ordered his generals to get ready for Operation Sea Lion. That was the plan to invade Britain. To prepare for the invasion he launched giant air strikes against the nation.
  • Fall of France

    Hitler sent German forces down south to Paris. Italy had also declared war on France from the south. Hitler forced the French to sign papers. The papers stated that france would surrender from the war.
  • Nazi Genocide

    The Nazi Genocide was Hitlers way of killing everyone he jusged as racially inferior. The biggest group was the Jews. Other groups targetted were Slaves, Gypsies, and mentally ill people. Nazis forced Jews to live in ghettos and concentration camps. German leaders then came up with plans to murder all European Jews.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Hitler introduced operation Barbarossa which was the conquest of the Soviet Union. Hitler wanted the countries so he could use the land for money. He wanted the Ural mountains for their raw materials, Siberia for its large forests, and Ukraine for its wheat fields, With all the land Germany would have an abundance of money. Last Hitler wanted to defeat his powerful enemy, Stalin.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    General Jojo ordered an attack on an American naval base in Hawaii. The bobms destroyed nineteen ships. Also approximately 2,400 people were killed. This attack by Japan is what caused the US to join WWII.
  • Battle of Midway

    United States warships and airplanes attacked two Japanese fleets. They damaged the fleets during the battles of the Coral Sea and Midway Island. Their victory over Japan weakened Japanese naval power and stopped them from advancing.
  • Battle of El Alamein

    In Egypt, the British stopped Rommel's advance during the long battle of El Alamein. Then they turned to the Desert Fox, pushing the Axis forces back to Tunisia across Libya. American General Eisenhower took charge of a combined Anglo-American force in Algeria and Morocco. He combined with the British forces to trap Pommel's army in Tunisia.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Hitler was determined to take over Stalins city and he would defend it. to begin the germans surrounded the city. Russia then encircled the Germans. The fights went on for days over little pieces of land. The German commander finally surrendered in early 1943 after he had lost nearly 300,000 of his soldiers.
  • Invasion of Italy

    British American troops came into Italy. They defeated their forces in approximately a month. Italian invasion weakened Hitler by forcing him to fight against the Italians under the power of Mussolini.
  • D-Day

    The allies invaded france. Many troops were sent on planes and ships to France to break through the German defenses and free France from Hitler. The allies won the battle. Germany retreated and France was free again.
  • Nazis Defeated

    Allied forces headed towards Germany. As the troops went into Beligum, Germany attacked back. Both sides took terrible losses but Germany couldnt break through. Hitler delayed the allies victory but it was soon the end of Hitler and his Nazis.
  • Battle of Okinawa

    Allies used the war stratedgy of island hopping. They made a base on Okinawa for their troops. The allies attacked mainland Japan. They had naval and air forces helping them invade Japan. The battle lasted nearly 82 days before the allies won.
  • United Nations

    Delegates from 50 states met in San Fransisco to make a charter for the United Nations. The goal was to give great powers the authority to maintain peace. The UN was not only for preventing war but also to prevent disease spread and help food and agriculture. The UN was made so the countries could all work together.
  • Battle of Berlin

    The battle was between Germany and Russia. Russia was trying to take over Berlin from Germany.
  • Use of Atomic Weapons

    An American plane dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. The bomb made more than 4 square miles dissapear along with killing 70,000 people. The atomic bombs also killed people later on in life because of radiation. On August 8th US dropped another bomb on the city of Nagasaki because Japanese leaders were not responding. That bomb killed 40,000 more people.
  • Surrender of Japan

    Japan asked for an armistice on August 14th 1945. Japan was finally surrendering to the allies. The bombs that the US had dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had weakened Japan extremely. They lost over 100,000 people because of the atomic bombs and could not come back and win the war from there.