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World War II Timeline

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  • Japan Invades Manchuria

    Bomb explodes at the South Manchuria Railway and japanese military pushes Chinese. Then invade Manchuria. (Pacific)
  • New Chancellor

    Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany (holocaust)
  • First Concentration Camp

    First Concentration Camp
    First concentration camp has opend in Dachau, Germany for political prisoners. (Holocaust)
  • Boycott Jewish Shops

    Germans were not allowed to buy from the Jewish shops/ buisness.(holocaust)
  • Burnings of Books

    Burnings of Books
    Books that did have Germany ideas were burned in Berlin and most of Germany. Some books by Freud, Einsten, Thomas Mann, Jack London, and many other had been destroyed. (Holocaust)
  • Japan's Changes

    Japan's Changes
    Japan withdraws from the League of Nations and continues to expand their territory in China. (pacific)
  • Persecution

    an order was issued to take away health insurance from the Jews.(holocaust)
  • Another Persecution

    Jews are now banned from seving in the military.(holocaust)
  • Hindenburg's Death

    Hindenburg's Death
    The Germsn President von Hindenburg dies; Hitler becomes Fuhrer(holocaust)
  • Another Persectuion

    Another Persectuion
    Jews are now banned from serving in the military(holocaust)
  • Persecution against women

    a law was passed that gave the government the right to force women to have abortions in order to prevent hereditary disease.(holocaust)
  • Conquer and Annex

    Conquer and Annex
    October 2, 1935- May 1936: Fascist Italy invades, conquers, andannexes Ethiopia. (Pacific)
  • More Changes in Japan

    Japan withdraws from naval limitation agreement. Japan could own 3 ships to every 5 ships the US owned.(pacific)
  • Berlin Olympics

    Berlin Olympics
    The Olympics began hitler seeked to gain legitmacy through favorable public opinion and refrain from actions against Jews.(holocaust)
  • More Persecution

    Nazis make an Office for combatting homosexuality and abortions; by healthy women(holocaust)
  • Anti-Cominterm Pact

    Anti-Cominterm Pact
    Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan sign the Anti-Cominterm Pact, directed towards the Soviet Union and international Communist movement.(pacific)
  • Jewish Persecution

    Jewish Persecution
    Jews are no longer allowed to enter proffessional occupatonal places, accountants or dentists.(holocaust)
  • Japan Declares War on China

    Japan Declares War on China
    this war continues until the end of World War II. (pacific)
  • Japan invades Nanking

    December 1, 1937- February 1938: Civilians wre tortured for military combat deaths. Chinese civilians are brutalized by Japanese military. (pacific)
  • Panay Attack

    USS Panay and three Standard oil tankers were attacked by Japanese pilots while they were anchored. (Pacific)
  • Anschluss

    May 11-13, 1938: Germany includes Austria in the Aschluss. (Pacific)
  • Unify all German-speaking people

    Unify all German-speaking people
    Hitler planned to unify all of the German-speaking people. (Europe)
  • Synangogue destroyed

    Synangogue destroyed
    The Jewsih synangogue was destroyed with others following(holocaust)
  • Docters Targeted

    Jewsih docters can no longer practice medicine(holocaust)
  • Munich Agreement

    Munich Agreement
    Germany, Itlay, Great Britain, and France sign the Munich agreement. this forces Czechoslovak Republlic to cede the Sudentenland to Nazi, Germany. (Pacific)
  • Treaty of Munich

    Treaty of Munich
    Hitler and others met in Munich and agreed that hitler should have the Sudentanland. (Europe)
  • Persecution of the jews

    17000 Jews arrested, then expelled to Poland but refused them, and were left in No Man's Land for months (holocaust)
  • Hitler invades Czechoslovakia

    Hitler invades Czechoslovakia
    no matter what hitler agreed to in Munich he still marched into Czechoslovakia. (Europe)
  • Britain reassured Polland

    March-April 1939: Polland was being threatened by the Fuhrer so they had to to reassuer Polland and they started to rearm themselves. (Europe)
  • St. Louis

    St. Louis
    The St. Louis had 930 jewish reugees ere taken to Cuba but refused and returned to Europe.(holocaust)
  • Nonagression Agreement

    Nonagression Agreement
    Germany and the union sign a nonagression agreement and a secret codicil dividing eastern Europe into influences. (Pacific)
  • Russia and Germany sign the pact

    Hitler and Stalin signed a nonagression pact. (Europe)
  • Poland is invaded by Hitler

    Poland is invaded by Hitler
    Adolf Hitler invades Poland. (Europe)
  • Restriction

    In Germany, Jews are not allowed outside after 8 p.m. (winter) and 9 p.m. ( summer) (holocaust)
  • Britain and France declare war

    Britain and France declare war on Germany. Chamberlain announces the country is at war. (Europe)
  • Invades Poland

    the Union invade poland from the east. (Pacific)
  • Forced Labor

    Polish Jews ages 14-60 are now forced labor(holocaust)
  • Yellow Star

    Jews werer forced to put a yellow star on their clothes so they could be easily seen(holocaust)
  • Hitler invades Denmark and Norway

    Hitler invades Denmark and Norway
    April-May 1940: he does this to establish a Norwegian bade and to safeguard supply routes of Swedish. (Europe)
  • Lodz Ghetto

    Holding 230000 Jews from the outside world (holocaust)
  • Lightening War

    Lightening War
    Hitler launched his lightening war against Holland and Belgium. (Europe)
  • Auschwitz

    The new concentration camp has opened(holocaust)
  • Operation Dynamo

    Operation Dynamo
    troops waited to be taken off the beaches. more than 338,000 men were rescued. (Europe)
  • Italy enters war

    italy enters war on the Axis power side because italy wanted the hope of rish pickings form spoiling the war. (Europe)
  • France signs armistice

    French signed an armistice with Germany. (Europe)
  • Battle of Britain

    this battle is made of four phrases:
    1. Hitler sent his Luftwaffe bombers to attack British ports
    2.attacks on shipping continued but bombing raids wre concentrated on RAF airfields.
    3. London was heavily bombed- the Blitz
    4. daylight bombing was a fail so they tried night bombing. (Europe)
  • Tripartite pact

    Tripartite pact
    Germany, Italy, and Japan signed the pact of mutual alliance. (Pacific) (Europe)
  • Krakow/ Warsaw Ghetto

    They were sealed off
    Krakow 70000 Jew
    Warsaw 400000 Jews(holocaust)
  • Italians were routed by the British

    Italians were routed by the British led by General Wavell (Europe)
  • Himmler

    He makes a visit to Auschwitz, telling them to expand with a compound built nearby holding 100000 prisoners. (holocaust)
  • Attack on Yugoslavia

    Early 1941 the Germans and Italians atacked Yugoslavia, then the Germans led the axis power back to North Africa. (Europe)
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    hitler send 3 million soldiers and 3,500 tanks into Russia (Europe)
  • Capture of French Indochina

    Japanese capture French Indochina and they continue the japanese expansion in Asia. (Pacific)
  • Zyklon-B

    First test of Zyklon-B gas at Auschwitz(holocaust)
  • Can't Leave

    Nazi's forbid the Jews to emigrate from the Reich (holocaust)
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    8 battleships damaged, 5 sunk. Japanese lose 27 plans and 5 midget submarines. 2,335 servicemen and 68 civillians with 1,178 wounded. (Pacific)
  • US and Britain Declare war on Japan

    they declare war on Japan because of the attack on Pearl Harbor. (Pacific)
  • Air Raids on Japanese

    USS Yorktown and USS Enterprise conduct air raids on Japanese air bases. (Pacific)
  • US Mainland attacked by Japanese

    Japan attack US Mainland using submarine shells on oil refinery. (Pacific)
  • Attack on Bataan

    Attack on Bataan
    April 5-9, 1942: Japanese attack US and Fillipino soldiers at Bataan, soldiers hold out for 3 days then surrender to the Japanese. (Pacific)
  • Death March at Bataan

    12,000 Americans were forced to walk 60 miles without food or water. in the end 5,000 US soldiers die. (Pacific)
  • "The New York Times"

    In their article, they mentioned Nazi's have machine-gunned over 100000 Jews in Baltic States, 100000 in Poland, and twice as many in western Russia (Holocaust)
  • More Yellow Stars

    More Yellow Stars
    More Jews are ordered to wear the yellow star in France, Holland, Belgium, Croatia, Slovakiea, and Romania (Holocaust)
  • Battle of Midway

    June 4-5, 1942: US victory against Japanese. American forces broke Japanese code and forced Japanese into an early battle but they were not prepared. (Pacific)
  • Mobile Gas Vans

    Gas vans were used in Riga with SS reporting 97000 people who have been "processed" in mobile gas vans. (Holocaust)
  • Experiments for Medical Purposes

    Himmler gives permission for sterilization experiments at Auschwitz. (Holocaust)
  • Treblinka Extemination Camp Opens

    This camp has two buildings with ten gass chambers, each holding 200 people and bodies are burned in open pits. (Holocaust)
  • Battle of Guadalcanal

    August 7,1942- February 9, 1943: US won another victory after fighting for five months. US casualties:7,100 dead, 4 captured, 29 ships lost, 615 aircraft lost. Japanese casualties:31,000 dead, 1,000 captured, 38 ships lost, and 683-800 aircraft lost. (Pacific)
  • 1st Marine Division invades

    The first marine division invades Tulagi and Guadalcanal. the US Marines were carried there by boat then invaded on foot. they were long battles that were drug out. (Pacific)
  • Battle of El Alamain

    Montgomery attacked the German-Italian army with a massice bombardment then and armoured attack. (Europe)
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Russians won their first victory against Germany during the Battle of Stalingrad. (Europe)
  • Axis Surrender

    British and American forces defeated the Axis in North Africa. (Europe)
  • Gypsies

    Order was sent for gypsies to be sent to the concentration camps. (Holocaust)
  • Marianas Battle

    February-July 1943: US victory again. Marine landings and army airplanes they defeated the Japanese in the end. (Pacific)
  • Yamamoto is Found

    Yamamoto is Found
    He was found flying a Japanese bomber then 18 P-38 fighters locate and shoot him down. (Pacific)
  • Warsaw Ghetto

    April 19- May 16, 1943: 750 mainly young people decided they had nothing to lose by not deporting. they used weapons that were smuggled into the Ghetto and fired on the German troops who tried to deport them. (Holocaust)
  • Submarine warfare

    US begin a submarine warfare against Japanese shipping. (Pacific)
  • Allies invade Sicily

    Sicily is invaded by the British ans US forces. (Europe)
  • Sicily is taken

    allied troops won the island of Sicily (Europe)
  • Italy Surrenders

    there was a new government in Italy and they surrendered to British and US, then agreed to join the allies. (Europe)
  • Japanese execute

    Japanese execute almost 100 American POWs on Wake Island. (Pacific)
  • Allies meet in Tehran

    Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill met to co-ordinate plans on Germany. (Europe)
  • Camps Close

    Camps Close
    Russians were advancing east so many Death Camps closed and the evidence was destroyed. (Holocaust)
  • Diary Entry

    Hans Frank diary entry talks about the fate of 2.5 million Jews originally under jurisdiction. "At the present time we still have in the General Government perhaps 100,000 Jews" (Holocaust)
  • Leningrad relieved

    the Soviet army lifted the siege of Leningrad. (Europe)
  • Japanese Last Offensive

    japanese start their last offensive in China, attacking US airbases. (Pacific)
  • First B-29 Mission

    First B-29 Mission
    77 planes bomb Japanese railway facilities. (Pacific)
  • Allies Launch an Attack

    Allies launch an attack on Germany's forces (Europe)
  • Red Cross

    A Red Cross visitsThereslendtadt after the Nazi's prepared the camp and Jewish inmates, got a favorable report. (Holocaust)
  • Rome Liberated

    the allies were able to liberate rome when itlay surrendered. (Europe)
  • Paris is Liberated

    Paris is liberated from the Germans by the French capital. (Europe)
  • V2 Flying Bomb

    thee first V3 flying bomb was dropped in London and killed three people. (Europe)
  • Battle of Leyte Gulf

    October 23-26, 1944: US naval victory, on the 25th the first suicide air attack occur on US warships. (Pacific)
  • Gas Chambers

    This was the last time that the gas chambers were used at Auschwitz. (Holocaust)
  • March Forced

    March Forced
    Nazi's forced 25,000 Jews to walk over 100 miles in rain and snow then there was another forced march of 50,000 people. (Holocaust)
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Germany launched their final defensive and they were beaten back by the allies. (Europe)
  • Battle of Iwo Jima

    February- March 1945: US victory again, Japanese would not surrender it was not a choice. (Pacific)
  • Rhine crossings

    the allies cross the Rhine while soviets approach Berlin (Europe)
  • Battle of Okinawa

    Victory for the US, The final amphibious assalt of the war. (Pacific)
  • Mussolini

    italian partisans captured and executed Mussolini. (Europe)
  • Roosevelt's Death

    President Roosevelt died and president Truman stepped in. (Europe)
  • Russians Reach Berlin

    Russians reached Berlin right before the US did (Europe)
  • Hitler's Suicide

    Hitler's Suicide
    Hitler committed suicide after being faced with impending defeat. (Holocaust) (Europe)
  • German Forces Surrender

    German Forces Surrender
    in Italy the German Forces surrender (Europe)
  • Germans Surrender

    Donitz tried to reach agreement to surrender to the Western allies but to continue to fight the Russians (Europe)
  • Germans Surrender

    Germsny surrenders and then the war in Europe is over. (Holocaust)
  • Donitz

    Admiral Donitz offered and unconditional surrender to the allies (Europe)
  • V.E. Day

    V.E. Day
    Europe's victory was celebrated (Europe)
  • Nuremburg War Trial

    all of the surviving Nazi's are put on trial at Nuremburg. (Holocaust)
  • Atomic Bomb

    the first atomic bomb was tested in the US. (Pacific)
  • USS Indianapolis

    USS Indianapolis is torpedoed after unloading an atomic bomb. (Pacific)
  • Hiroshima

    Hiroshima was hit with the first atomic bomb. (Pacific)
  • Negasaki

    now the second atomic bomb is dropped on Negasaki. (Pacific)
  • Japanese Finally Surrender

    Japanese accept the unconditional surrender. (Pacific)
  • Surrender Ceremony

    They have the formal Japanese Surrender Ceremony and sign the recommended documents. (Pacific)