World War II In Europe

  • D-Day

    Allies hit german forces. Allied troops landed in Normandy and won. Now they have a tiny foothold in France.
  • Assassination Failed

    Assassination Failed
    An Officer planted a bomb at Hitler's headquaters. The explosion killed or wounded 20 people, but Hitler survived. Rommel took poison to wscape being put on trial.
  • Liberated France

    Liberated France
    Allies Liberated Paris. "Ctiy of Lights"
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    Germans who could speak English wore US uniforms and ct telphone wires, change road signs, and spread confusion. It created a "Bulge" in the American line. Also it was cloudy so he Allie airforce couldn't help
  • Battle of the Bulge (cont)

    Battle of the Bulge (cont)
    Skies cleared and Allied bombers attacked German position. After reinfocements arrived, the Allies wen back on the offensive, steadily pushig the Germans out of France.
  • Push to Victory

    Soviet Army reached the Oder River outside Berlin. The Allies advanced northward in Italy
  • Push to Victory 2

    Push to Victory 2
    Mussolini tried to flee to Switzerland but was capured and executed. By this time American and British troos had crossed the Rhine River into Germany. Americans reached he Elbe River 50 miles outside of Berlin. The Allies were in position for an all-out assaul against Hitler's capital.
  • Hitlers Suicide

    Hitlers Suicide
    Hitler was a physical wreck: shaken by tremors, paranoid from drugs, and kept alive by mad dreas of final victory. He and a few of his closets commerades commited suicide.
  • V-E Day

    V-E Day
    Germany surrendered.FDR died a few weeks before this so he never saw the end and it'd be up to Truman to see out the final victory.