World War II

  • Invasion of Poland/ Start of WWII

    Invasion of Poland/ Start of WWII
    Germany invades Poland and World War II breaks out.
  • Invasion of My Home

    Invasion of My Home
    The Germans invaded Poland. They came into my home and took my wife and three children. I saw them being taken and dragged down the street as I came back from the market. I had to hide from the Germans and I saw many friends killed on the street.
  • Period: to

    World War II

  • The Killing of Jews

    The Killing of Jews
    In June of 1941 the Nazi SS-Einsatzgruppe begins mass murder. I hid behind trees when the Nazis took four Jews, and told them to kneel down. A young member of the Reich Labor service stood and observed the SS-Einsatzgruppe. They killed the four Jews using guns that they shot at their heads. The Nazis set the bodies on fire.
  • The Fear Within Me

    The Fear Within Me
    I was in London, and I saw a German airship in the sky. I ran in fear that they would capture me. I am so glad that I ran in the opposite direction because the Germans bombed London. The bomb did not affect me. When I looked back all I could feel is fear.
  • Leaving Home

    Leaving Home
    On September 1, 1941 all of the Jews were told to meet, so I went to the meeting. There were two tables set up. After waiting for ten minutes, an officer announced that the employed were to form a line on the left and the unemployed were to form a line on the right. Everyone was given a yellow star to wear. I remember the Germans telling us that we had to wear it at all times. I was scared of the Germans, so I followed their instructions. I saw many of the unemployed get forced onto a bus. Just
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Japan's attack leads the U.S.A. into WWII.
  • The Assasination

    The Assasination
    On June 10, 1942 after Heydrich's assassination, the Nazis liquidated Lidice because they were extremely unhappy about the assassination. I was there on business, and trying to get free fabric from an old friend. I heard the pungent sound of people’s screams on the street followed by gun shots. I looked out the window and saw furious Nazis raid the streets and murder many boys. The Nazis even invaded people’s homes to make a statement. Many people were crying and sad after the Nazis left.
  • The Warsaw Ghetto

    The Warsaw Ghetto
    Waffen-SS attacked the Jewish resistance in the Warsaw ghetto. I had been put into it just months before. While the destruction I hid in my bunker. There was a small hole that I could look through. Many men, women, and children were taken into buses. I heard two German generals talk about how the people were being taken to the ovens. I hid in the bunker for days, and I heard the horrifying sounds of people dying. I sat in the bunker for days without any food.
  • Bystander's Point of View

    Bystander's Point of View
    Reichsfuhrer Himmler gave a speech at Posen. I was not support to be there, but I had just escaped and was on the run. All of the Germans had a gathering. Himmler made a speech and I remember one part the most.
    “One principle must be absolute for the SS man: we must be honest, decent, loyal and friendly to members of our blood and to no one else. What happens to the Russians, what happens to the Czechs, is a matter of utter indifference to me. Such good blood of our own kind as there may be amon
  • D-Day

    This was the battle for Normandy, France. This was one of the greatest battles that was to bring the war to an end.
  • D-Day A Bystander's Point of View

    D-Day                                    A Bystander's Point of View
    Frank Dickenson- It was 6am on June 6th 1944 I looked out the window and saw hundreds and hundreds of airplanes. I was fifteen at this point and later on that night when I turned on the tele I saw that we received news that the allies were landing on the coast of France. This is when I knew that D-Day had arrived.
  • The U.S. Marches On

    The U.S. Marches On
    On this day the United States went across the Western border of Germany, while the Soviet Union had gone across the eastern a month prior.
  • Germany Surrenders

    Germany Surrenders
    On this day Germany surrendered unconditionally to the Western Allies.
  • Hiroshima and Nakasaki Bombed

    Hiroshima and Nakasaki Bombed
    The United States bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Tens of thousands of people died from the explosion, but afterwards because of radiation many more died as well.
  • The Soviet Union Declares War

    The Soviet Union Declares War
    On this day the Soviet Union declared war on Japan and invaded Manchuria.
  • The Surrender Of Japan

    The Surrender Of Japan
    The Japanese formerlly surrendered to the U.S. , Great Britain, ant the Soviet Union.