World War II

  • Germany Invades Czechslovakia

    Czechoslovakia surrendered to Germany.
  • The Invasion of France

    French army was reduced by about half and French leaders were forced to surrender.
  • The Invasion of Norway, Denmark, Holland, and Belgium

    Known as Operation Weserübung, it was the start of a war in Western Europe and it ended the Phoney War.
  • The Soviet- Nazi Pact

    This invasion allowed Hitler to invade Poland and not have to worry about fighting with Russia.
  • The Invasion of Poland

    By invading Poland Hitler thought that France would continue the appeasement policy. The invasion of Poland lasted a month and 5 days.
  • Phony War (Sitzkrieg)

    Close to nothing happened during this war.
  • Canada Enters The War

    The Parliament of Canada declared war on Germany this marked Canada’s first independent decision of war.
  • The Miracle at Dunkirk

    Thousands of troops were rescued/ evacuated Dunkirk and surrounding beaches to help fight against a Nazi invasion.
  • The Fall of France

    France signed an armistice with Germany to end the invasion on France.
  • The Battle of Britain

    The first huge campaign to be fought entirely with air force it also marked the first defeat of Hitler’s military forces.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    This was Germany’s code name for the invasion of the Soviet Union. This is the largest invasion in the history of warfare.
  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor

    This was when the Japanese hit the US with a a surprise military strike. The attack was intended to keep the US Pacific fleet from interfering with the Empire of Japan.