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World War II

  • Nonargressin act

    Nonargressin act
    Germany and Russia pledge not to attack one another.They also have a secret agreement to divide poland between them.
  • Germany's LIghtning War

    Germany's LIghtning War
    Germany takes over poland, France and Britain declare war on Germany. Geremans use a new war strategy-
    Blitxkrieg (Lightning War)
  • Soviets make their move

    Soviets make their move
    Russia takes half of Poland, They move north to go annex countries around poland, But Finland resisted. Russians and the Finns went into war for the country, After a hard war, The Russins had forced the Finns to surrender
  • The Phony war

    The Phony war
    Waiting for the germans to attack, Great Britain and France set up military forces along the Maginot line. After waiting for so long, it seemed as though the Germans would not invade. But on the 9th of April 1940, Hitler launched a surprise invasion of Denmark and Norway. After the defeat, he built bases along the Norwiegan and Danish Coast to be able to launch strikes on Great Britain.
  • Trapping the allied forces

    Trapping the allied forces
    Hitler begin s a sweep through the metherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, trapping the allied forces
  • Rescue at Dunkirk

    Rescue at Dunkirk
    Allies retreat to Dunkirk, they were trapped between the Germans and the sea until..... the British come to the rescue!!!!!!! They saved 338,000 soldiers.
  • Battle for Britain

    Battle for Britain
    Germany Bombs Great Britian using Luftwaff (German air force). The British stand their ground and do not surrender, and they fight back. They find a machine that decodes Germany's secret messgaes. Britian could tell exactly when and where to attack the enemy with the Britain air force. to avoid these attacks, Germany turns to night bombing, but the British continue to fight back. Hitler decides to call off the attacks. this gave the Allies a crutial lesson that Hitler's attacks can be blocked.
  • France Falls

    France Falls
    Germany takes over paris, France, Forcing France to surrender. After they fell, a French general asked Britain to join the in resisting the Germans
  • Italy attacks africa

    Italy attacks africa
    wanting power in africa like Great Birtian, and France, Mussolini attacks egypt (a British owed country) while the battle of britian is still happening. Italy gains 600 miles in Egyptin only one week.
  • Britain strikes back

    Britain strikes back
    By then, the British swept 500 mile arcoss North Africa. Hitler joins with Mussolini to help the Italians. British retreat to Tobruk, Libya. Again, the British drive them back to where they began. Italy regrouped, pushed the British across the desert, and took Tobruk.
  • War in the Bakans

    War in the Bakans
    Hitler wanted to build bases in southeastern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania,and Hungray) to attack the Soviet Union. Yugoslavia and Greece resisited so Hitler invaded both countries, and ended with 2 victories.
  • Hitler invades the Soviet Union by surprise

    Hitler invades the Soviet Union by surprise
    Catching the Russians off guard, Hitler forces them to retreat. On their way, the Russians used the scorched-earth strategy the used on Napoleon.
  • Atlantic Charter

    Atlantic Charter
    Roosevelt (United States) and Churchill (Great Britain) met secretly and isuued this declaration stating free trade among nations and the right of people to choose their own government.
  • Hitler starves the Russians

    Hitler starves the Russians
    Germans put Leningrad under siege, the city is cut off from the soviets, they are forced to surrender. Hitler Bombs warehouses storing food, starving more than 2.5 million people.Neraly 1 million died in the winter of 1941-1942, the city refused to fall.
  • Germans retreat

    Germans retreat
    Not prepared for the cold, Russian winter, the Nazis foolishly invaded Russia wearing summer uniforms. They retreated, and 50,000 German lives were taken