World War II

  • Fall of France

    Hitler began a dramatic sweep through the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. He was trying to strike at France. His goal was to keep there attention on those countries while he sent large numbers of troops to slice through the Ardennes. This was a way to act like Germany was really going after Netherlands, Belguim and Luxembourg, when his main goal was to attack the Ardennes. Hitler basically backed-door all the countries to a “fake” attack.
  • May 1939 Dunkirk

    Germany had trapped the Allied Forces around the southern French city of Lille. Outnumbered, outgunned and pounded from the air the Alliance retreaded to the beaches of Dunkirk. They were trapped with their back to sea. Britian came in and saved the allies with 850 ships. Along with many other navy ships. From May 26 to June 4, this amateur armada went under heavy fire from German bombers. They sailed back and forth from Britian to Dunkirk. This caused a lot of deaths.
  • Soviet/German- Nonaggression pact

    Soviet/German- Nonaggression pact
    It was a pact that lasted 10 years with Germany and the Soviet. Hitler had promised Stalin territory. In the secret part of the nonaggression pact Germany and the Soviets agreed to divide Poland amongst them. They agreed to get the USSR take over Finland and the Baltic countries like Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. This pact formed an alliance that when one of the countries got attacked the other one was there to back them up. It caused a bigger problem with Germany or the soviets getting i
  • Germanys Lighting attack

    It was a surprise attack on Poland. German tanks and troops rumbled across the Poland border. At the same time German aircraft and artillery began a merciless bombing the capital of Poland Warsaw. France and Britain declared war on Germany on September. Poland didn’t respond fast enough with their military. This caused the Blitzkrieg or “lightning war”. It involved using fast moving airplanes and tanks followed by massive infantry forces. This stagey worked for Germany.
  • Soviet moves on thier own

    Stalin sent Soviet troops to occupy the eastern half of Poland. They moved to annex countries to the north of Poland. Luithenia, Latvia and Estonia fell without a struggle but Finland resisted. They sent 1 million troops into Finland. They expected to win a quick victory; they were not prepared for fighting in the winter. They were outnumbered and out gunned; there country was fiercely behind them. This made it hard for them to attack or fight in these kinds of conditions. It put a stop to th
  • Phony war

    It was known at the “Phony War”. The French and Britian mobilized there troops along the Maginot Line. They waited for Germany to attack but they didn’t. The allied soldiers started walking eastward towards the enemy. The Germans joking called this the sitting war. Suddenly it all ended. Hitler launched a surprise invasion on Denmark and Norway. Denmark fell just after 4 hours. This caused a lot of problems that didn’t need to be caused or started.
  • France Falls

    Germany had taken Paris by this time. The French surrendered. The Germans took control of the northern part of the country. They left the southern part of a puppet government by Marashal Philippe Petsin a French hero of WWI. These strengthen the power of the German land, it wasn’t a good thing because the more land Germany got the more concentration camps and war ground he had.
  • Battle for Britian

    Britian stood alone against the Nazis. The Britain prime minister declared we stand alone. Hitler invaded Britian. His first planned to knock out the Royal Air Force and land more than 250,000 soldiers to England. Luftwaffe began bombing Britian. There first target was airfields and aircraft factories. On September 7th they began to focus on the cities especially London. Even though all the attacks Britian did not surrender. In the end of this Hitler called off his troops. This brought new t
  • North Africa

    Germany’s first objective was North Africa mainly because of Mussolini. Italy was neutral even thought they had an alliance. Mussolini had to take action. After declaring war on France and Great Britian, Mussolini moved into France. Then Mussolini moved in North Africa. Troops attacked Britian-controlled Egypt. Suez Canal was a key to reaching the oil fields of the Middle East.
  • Hitler invades Soviet union

    Early that morning German tanks and aircraft announced the beginning of the invasion. Soviet Union was not ready for this attack. Even though they had to largest army in the world the troops were not well equipped or properly trained. Germany burned everything in their path. On September 8 Germany forces put Leningrad under siege. The whole city was completely cut off from the Soviet. Hitler was ready to starve 2.5 million people. Germans boomed warehouse where food was stored. Many people w
  • Atlanitic Charter

  • Britian strikes back

    In December Britain strikes back. They went 500 miles into Italy and took 130,000 soldiers prisoner. Hitler stepped in to save the axis power partner. To reinforce Italy. Hitler sent a crack German tank force. After the attack British troops retreated east to Tobruk, Lybia. Rommel regrouped, pushed Britian back across the desert, and too Toburk. That gave Rommel the nick name “Desert Fox”. This showed how strong Britain really was.
  • Japan attacks peral Harbor

    Japan attacks Pearl harbor. This is what brought the united States intio war.
  • Germans surrdener

    Germans surrwender at Stalingrad. This is what started to end World war 2.
  • Devistating lose

    Japanese suffer devasting defeat at the Battle of Leyte Gulf. This caused the Japanes to lose many lives.