World War II

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    Adolf Hitler

    This is the leader of Germany during this time period. He invaded Poland and took over most of europe. He brought down one of the strongest Allie power, france. He killed several thoasand people with his concentration camps and other war tactics. Over all he was an extremly destuctive person.
    He was imporant to World war II because he started the whole war. he started it by invading Poland. This event made Britain and France declare war on germany. He is the whole reason there ever was <word>
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    Josef stalin

    Josef was the leader of Russia. he ran a communist state. He mad the Nazi-Soviet Pact with Hitler after they had been in conflict with eachother for a while.
  • Italian Invasion of Ethipia

    This is when the Italians, led by Mussolini, invaded Ethipia. They had beter weapons than the native people so they conqured the African Country.
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    Benito Mussolini

    He was the leador of Italy during World War II. He sided with Hitler and did what ever Hitlor wanted him to. In 1935 he succesfully invaded and took over Ethiopia. He armt was strong and they had current weapons. He lead a socialist country in fear that the communists will take over like they did in Russia. He worked his way up to power through good military strategies. He was a hero in Italy and everyone there loved him.<word>
  • German Occupation of the Rhineland

    This is when the Germans marched into the Rhineland and took over. This is in violation of the treaty of Versailles but people turned the other way. they did this becaus ethey felt bad about how harsh the Germmans were treated in the Treaty of Versailles. they sort of saw this coming.
  • Francisco Franco

    This is a military leader in Spain. He was a conservative general. He got support form Italy and Germany. He was eventually named the leader of Spain after he won the revoulution.
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    the Spanish Civil War

    This was a war between the nationalists and the loyalists. The nationalists were led by Francisco Franco. Then the loyalists were evryone who supported the goverment how it was. The naionalists were looking for change. The nationalists ended up winning the war witht he help of Italy and Germany.
  • Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis

    This is a alliance formed between Germay, Italy, and Japan. This was a dangerous alliance because these are three of the most violent countries in the world. But people didn't stop this because they thought it was a good thing. This would help hold communism out of Europe and at that point Communism was the enemy. Their need to protect their countries from communism was enough to look over this horrible alliance.
  • Airrade on Guernica

    This is during the Spanish civil war. The Germans flew over the small town of Gurnica. the dropped boms on them and then swooped down low to shoot anyone who was still alive. This happened so the Germans can test how strong their airforce actualy was. They proved that they were strong and ready for war.
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    Neville Chamberlain

    He was the prime minister of Britain before the fall of France. He took part in the Munich pact. He told the screaming crouds that he achieved "peace for our time".
  • Anschluss

    This was the takeover of Austria by Germany. Austria was forbidden to be a part of Germany so they were made an independant state. By this time in the war, Germany was using Total war to try and take over everything.
  • Munich Conference

    This was a conference held in a hotel that Great Britain, Italy, France, and Germany were at. It ended with a sanction on the transfer of certain parts of Czechoslovakia to Germany.
  • Annexation of Czecholslovakia

    This is after "Sudetenland" was given to Germany. After Germany got this little piece of Czecholslovakia, he took over the rest of it. He made sure that the country was really weak before he decided to invade. Thiis was an appeasmaent that was settled because nobody wanted to get into another war.
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact

    This is when Hitler made a nonagression pact with Stalin. The two countries ,Germany and Russia, had been in conflict for years and that is why it was so astonishing. While the world thought it was a nonagression pact, secretly the two countries had only agreed to not fight if the other country was at war. Both of the leaders feared that ,for Hitler, communism and ,for Stalin, Socialism would take over their country. Neither of them wanted for this to happen. This pact was < continues on word>
  • Invasion of Poland

    This Event is when the Nazis stormed into Poland. they used blitzkrieg, wich is "lightning war". The airfource would bomb airfields, factories, towns, and cities. then screaming dive bombers would shoot troops and civilians. They would circle divisions of troops, forcing them to surrender. Within a month, Poland didn't exist anymore.
    This is important to the war because it was pretty much the start of WWII. After this event, is when France and Britain declared war of Germany.<word>
  • The Holocaust

    This is the most well known event in the history of World war II. This is when the Nazis were sending Jewish people and some others to concentration camps were they would most likely work to death. All of their possesions were taken away from them and forced them to live in these crowded camps. They did this just becaus ethey were Jewish. They were forced to shave their heads. They were seperated from their families. They killed all the weak. They were given a number and that is what they <word>
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    Winston Churchill

    Winston Chuchill tok the place of Chamberlain after the fall of France. Churchill was in power while Germany launched operation Sea Lion. He was able to hold the Nazis off and protect Britsin from invasion.
  • Charles DeGaulle

    He was the leador of Free France. Wtith some other officers, he escaped to Britain to set up a goverment-in-exile. He was the leader and founder of The French Fifth Republic.
  • Formation of Vichy France

    Vichy is the goverment that France had at this time. Piere Laval was the head of this goverment. They worked with the Axis powers and had anti-seminism ideas.
  • Fall of France

    While Germany was invading Poland, they also started to move west and invade France. They started to head toward Paris. They used they used Blitzcrieg to try and win. France was forced to surrender. After this, Germany had control over northern France. The south was technically still France, but they reported to Germany.
    This is important to World War II because there were only two allies left in Europe. <word>
  • Battle of Britain

    It started when the Luttwaffe started to attack british ships in the English channel. This was why Britain started to get involved in the war when they wanted to stay out of it. they were going by pacifism until they saw a threat that could also harm their country. Some things the Germans were using to try and win was radar and sonar.
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    General Erwin Rommel

    He was a military leader that Hitler sent to Nrth Africa. He was called the "Dessert Fox". He pushed British forces back across the dessert to Cario, Egypt.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    This is the German invasion of Russia. This was the best offensive attack up to date. During this invasion there were three armies that attacked Russia during this invasion
  • Formation of "Free France"

    This was a group of troups that worked togetherwith Britain to overthrow the Vichy Goverment. Tehy siezed Syria and Lebonon from the Vichy goverment.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    This is when Japenese planes bombed the American fleet at Pearl Harbor. Pearl harbor is in Hawaii. About 2,400 people were killed and destroyed their airships and aircrafts. The day after this happened, Roosevelt asked congress if he could declare war on Japan. then Germany and Italy, who were Japan's allies, declared war on the U.S.
    This is important because this is the event that got the U.S. involved in <word>
  • The Battle of Midway

    This was a battle between the U.S. and Japan. It was fought near a tiny U.S. base at Midway atoll. Before this battle Japan had a much stronger navy than the U.S. But after this battle, the two countries were essentially equal.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    This was a symbol of the struggle between Stalin and Hitler. Over a million people died in this battle. It was the first major disaster for the Germans.
  • El Alamein

    This is a battle that was fought in the dessert of north Africa. It is seen to be one of the decisive victories of this war. It ended with the Germans surrendering to the Allies who were fighting there. It is known to be one of the turning points of the war.
  • D-Day

    This wa sled by the General Eisenhower. It was an assault on Norway from Germany. There were 5000 ships and 150000 men were kaunched over to Norway. It was considered the greatest assault of this war.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    This is also known as the Adrennes Offensive. This was Hitler's last hope of saving the Third Reich. He thought if he oushed the Allies hard enough they would eventually give up and make peace.
  • Iwo Jima

    This is a City tin Japan that the U.S, tryed to take over. They thought if they conquered this city, it would make them one step closer to conquering Japan.
  • V-E Day

    This is a day celebrated for the victory in Europe. They were about to tell everyone about this until Stalin news of Stalin wanting to make his surrender ceromony in Berlin. They post-poned the announcement until after this happened and was done.
  • Decision to use Atomic Weapons

    This is when the U.S. decided to drop an atomic bomb over the city of Hiroshima. He really only had one decision to try and stop the war. During the time that this bomb was dropped, Japan and the U.S. were in a stalemate. This helped them break them out of that.
  • V-J Day

    This stands for Victory in Japan. It is called this because when the U.S. dropped the bomb on Japan it ended the stalemate. The U.S. was trying to stay with nuetrality but once the japenese dropped the bomb on Pearl Harbor they had no choice. Because it ended the stalemate, the U.S. was able to win the war. Before the Japenese gave up they had Kamikaze try to run into American war ships. Also, island-hopping was going on in Japan to try and take back all the land the Japenese took.