Germany and England had an "intense" air battle that went on for a few months. Germany started with bombing airfields then went to more startigic places, hopeing to lower Britan's moral which did not work. This happended because Germany wanted to take over England. This was the first Germany lost a battle.
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  • Operation Barbarossa

    Germany and the Axis attacked the Soviet Union even though they had a peace agreement. Eight-hundred thousand Soviets killed and six million soldiers captured.Germany attacked the Soviet Union because Germany wanted the Soviet Union's natrual recources (oil) and land. The overall outcome was that the Soviets suffered huge losses but turned the war around, the Axis's did not have ALL the power now.

    Japan bombed the U.S military/naval base (Peral Harbor) in Oahu, Hawaii. Two thousand americans dead, two U.S ships sunk, and multiple planes and ships distroyed. Japan did this to the U.S because they were upset that the U.S had stopped trade with Japan and froze five assets of Japan in U.S banks. This lead to the U.s joining the war.

    72,000 American and Philipino prisioners of war were firced to march 63 miles on the Bataan penisula. The harsh conditions were the reasons for the 7,000-10,000 deaths. The Japanese forced this because they needed the prisoners to go to Camp O'Donnel in the north. This was the largest surrender in U.S history.

    The Allies under Dwight Eisenhower poswer attacked Normandy to push the Germans out of the West. Operation Overlord happended to end Nazi dnomination in Europe and to begin the end of WW II. The Allies were sucesseful and both of those things happended. Germany started to run out of recources and would not have enough to keep off the Soviets.

    December 16- January 28 1945
    Germany tried to regain territory by attacking Luxeburg.Germany did this because they wanted land and they needed to take a chance so they would not lose the war. This was HItler's last offence in WW II.

    February 4-11 1945
    U.S President Rosevelt, Brittsh Prime Minister WInston Churchhill, and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin had a conference about dicisions regarding the war. They meet in Russia to stratigize how to win the war. They dicided that Stalin should declair war on Japan and Germany be seperated into four parts.This was the last conferece for President Rosevelt.
  • Battle of Iwo Jima

    February 19th-26 of March
    The U.S attacked the two islands of Iwo JIma. The U.S used these two islands forstaging attacks on the Japanese main islands. It happended because the U.S wanted to take Japan out of the Pacific and needed air bases. The outcome was that the U.S got air bases fror injured planes to land and it was another air base.
  • V-E DAY

    V-E Day stands for Victory in Europe. This was the day Germany surrendered. This meant Hitler's war was over. Celebrations took place in Europe and in the U.S.

    The U.S dropped atomic bombs on both HIroshima and Nagasaki. The U.S made the decision of dropping the bomb because they wanted to put an immidiate end to the war. The outcome was that about 300,000 people died and it ended the war.
  • V-J DAY

    Japan surrenders and the war is over. Celebrations took place in the U.S. This meant the U.S won the war.