World War II

  • Poland's Invation

    Poland's Invation
    In response to some attanks of Poland un Gleiwitz, Hitler sends his army to invade Poland, attaking Varsovia, Cracovia and Lodz.
  • Britain anf France

    Britain anf France
    At 11,15 am, Chamberlain, announces that Britain and France ar at war with Germany.
  • Period: to

    Phoney War

    There was little fighting between the three countries.
  • Period: to

    USSR VS Finland

    War between the USSR and Finland in the baltic state of Finland. After fighting with ferocity, Finland lost the war and the USSR controlled them.
  • France and Britain in Norway

    France and Britain in Norway
    France and Britain started mining Norwegian waters. In response, Hitler invaded Norway and Denmark.
  • Churchill

    Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of Britain.
  • New Invation

    New Invation
    France, Belgium and The Netherlands were easily invadid by Hitler's army.
  • Italy at war

    Italy at war
    Mussolini thought that the war was nearly over and that Hitler was going to win it. So he joined forces with him and got involved in the war.
  • Period: to

    Bombs in Britain

    Germany bombed military sites, Factories and London. The RAF fought back and won the fight. Because of this, Hitler had to put in hold his plans of invading Britain. While Liverpool was being bombed, John Lennon was born.
  • Mosocow

    More than 3 million soviet soldiers were captured by the german army. Hitler decided to go to Moscow next. At this point thins started to go bad for Hitler.
  • Hitler in the USSR

    Hitler in the USSR
    After conquering west, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in an operation known as Barbarossa.
  • Hollocaust

    The Nazi Leaders though of a final solution to get rid of the Jewish people in Europe. They made Death Camps in Poland and sended all the Jewish there to work and get killed.
  • Pear Harbur

    Pear Harbur
    Japan attaked the USA naval base of Pear Harbor. Because of this, Usa joind forces with Britain and France against Germany, Italy and Japan.
  • Japan

    Japan controlled much of Eastern Asia and the islands of the Pacific.
  • USA

    The USA stopped the tide of Japanese conquest at the Battle of Midway Island.
  • Hitler in the USSR again

    Hitler in the USSR again
    Hitle's attak in the USSR in winter went wrong so he tried again in the summer, concentrating their forces in the south and trying to capture the southern city of Stalingrad.
  • Stalingrad for Germany?

    Stalingrad for Germany?
    Battle between Germany and the USSR for te control of Stalingrad.
  • Africa it's not german

    Africa it's not german
    Britain and the USA won the German lands in Afrinca in the Battle of El Alemein
  • Soviet Counter-Attack

    Soviet Counter-Attack
    The saoviet army launched a counter-attack against Germany who was finally surrounded
  • USSR wins

    USSR wins
    The USSR army won the Battle in Stalingrad, this was a crucial event because it prooved that Germany could be defeated. From this point on, this began to go bad for Germany.
  • Out of Africa

    Out of Africa
    By this point the German and Italian forces were driven out of Africa
  • Italy

    British and American forces landed in the south of Italy
  • Leaving Leningrad

    Leaving Leningrad
    The Germans abandoned Leninrad after two years.
  • Rome under control

    Rome under control
    British and American forces took cotrol of Rome.
  • D Day

    D Day
    The invation of France to take it back from the Nazi regime.
  • Germans leaving

    Germans leaving
    The German Army left the Soviet Union.
  • Paris

    British and American forces reached Paris.
  • The Philippines

    The Philippines
    The American forces invaded the Philippines killing over 170,000 Japanese soldiers before taking the capital.
  • German Counter-Artack

    German Counter-Artack
    The Germans launched a counter-attack in Blegium. This went wrong and Germany lost.
  • Hitler dead

    Hitler dead
    Germany collapses, and Hitler kills himself and then his secretary burns him.
  • Japan is next

    Japan is next
    After Hitler killed himself the war continued against Japan. The USA was worried about the lever of Japanese resistance
  • Atomic Bombs

    Atomic Bombs
    The USA dropped two atomic Bomb in Japan in the cities of Hroshima and Nagasaki.
  • OVER

    After the atomic bombs, Japan surrendered. The Second World War was over.