World War II

By Lari95
  • Poland's invasion

    Poland's invasion
    The Second World War began when Germany invaded Poland. Britain and France had pledged to defend Poland.
  • Britain gets involved

    Britain gets involved
    Both, the French and British, declared war on Germany. France wasn't strong enough, so Britain was the one to start fighting against Germany. By the end of the month, Polish resistance had collapsed.
  • Phoney War

    Phoney War
    Between October 1939 and April 1940 there was a little fighting between Britain, France and Germany. This period became known ad the "Phoney War".
  • Finland vs. URSS

    Finland vs. URSS
    Between October 1939 and March 1940 there was a war between Finland and the URSS in the small Baltic state of Finland. The Finnish army fought with great skill and ferocity but in the end the URSS defeated her small neighbour.
  • French and British start mining

    French and British start mining
    The French and British started mining Norwegian waters at the same time Germany invaded Norway and Denmark.
  • Who's got Britain's power?

    Who's got Britain's power?
    In May 1940 Winston Churchill came to power in Britain.
  • Hitler's next step

    Hitler's next step
    After months of waiting, Hitler struck west. The Netherlands, Belgium and France were invaded and rapidly defeated by German foreces.
  • Mussolini appeares in the picture

    Mussolini appeares in the picture
    Sensing that the war was nearly over, Mussolini joined forces with Germany. He wanted Italy to get some of the rewards of victory.
  • Bombs fall down in Britain

    Bombs fall down in Britain
    German planes bombed military sites, factories and London in August and September. The British airforce, the RAF, fought back and the clash of the two airforces became known as the Battle of Britain. Although there were heavy losses on both sides, the RAF got upper hand in the Battle of Britain and as a result Hitler was forced to put off his plans for an invasion of Britain.
  • Hitler turns east

    Hitler turns east
    Germany invaded the Soviet Union in an operation known to the German leaders as Barbarossa.
  • Final Solution

    Final Solution
    The German leadership decided on a Final Solution to the question of how Jewish people should be treated by the Nazi authorities. Death camps were set up to exterminate the Jewish population.
  • Moscow comes next

    Moscow comes next
    Over 3 million Soviet troops had been captured and Germans were moving to Moscow. At this point the campaign began to go wrong for Hitler.
  • Japan vs USA

    Japan vs USA
    The Japanese went to war against the USA with a surprise attack on the USA naval base of Pear Harbor. The result was that the USA joined forces with Britain and the URSS to fight Germany, Japan and Italy.
  • Japan gets power

    Japan gets power
    By the early months of 1942 Japanese forces seized control of much of Eastern Asia and the islands of the Pacific.
  • USA stops Japan

    USA stops Japan
    The USA stopped the tide of Japanese conquest at the Battle of Midway Island.
  • Hitler once again against the URSS

    Hitler once again against the URSS
    In the summer, the Germans renewed their attack on the URSS. They concentrated their forces in the south and tried to capture the southern city of Stalingrad.
  • Who has the control of Stalingrad?

    Who has the control of Stalingrad?
    A fierce battle between the URSS and Germany for the control of Stalingrad was fought in the autumn.
  • Germany defeated in Africa

    Germany defeated in Africa
    The German army in north Africa was defeated by British forces at the Battle of El Alamein.
  • Germany surrounded

    Germany surrounded
    The Soivet forces launched a counter-attack and the German army was eventually surrounded.
  • The Red Army is strong enough

    The Red Army is strong enough
    The German army at Stalingrad surrendered. The battle for Stalingrad was a crucial event. It proved that the Red Army could beat the German army. After Stalingrad Germany was on the defensive and the war began to go against Hitler.
  • They leave Africa

    They leave Africa
    The Germans and Italians had been completely driven out of north Africa.
  • Landing in Italy

    Landing in Italy
    Brisith and American forces landed in Italy.
  • Abandoning Leningrad

    Abandoning Leningrad
    The Germans abandoned the siege of Leningrad, which had been going on for two years.
  • Taking Rome

    Taking Rome
    Rome was taking in June 1944 but it was not until 1945 that the whole of Italy was under British and American control.
  • France's invasion

    France's invasion
    Frances was invaded. This was known ad "D Day".
  • German retreat

    German retreat
    The Germans were in retreat across the Soviet Union.
  • Reaching Paris

    Reaching Paris
    The British and American forces had reached Paris.
  • Japanese soliders are killed

    Japanese soliders are killed
    The Americans invaded the Philippines. Over 170,000 Japanese soldiers were killed before the capital Manila was taken.
  • German counter-attack

    German counter-attack
    The Germans launched a counter-attack in the Ardennes are of Belgium. After some early success the German attack was turned back.
  • Germans collapsed

    Germans collapsed
    German power in Europe finally collapsed. Soviet forces captured Berlin and Hitler committed suicide.
  • Now against Japan

    Now against Japan
    The war continued against Japan. The American government was very worried about the level of Japanese resistance.
  • Atomic bombs

    Atomic bombs
    Two atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • World War II is over

    World War II is over
    The devastations caused by the bombs forced the Japanese government to surrender. The Second World War was over.