World War 2: War in Europe

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    War in Europe

    A Social Studies 11 project for school.
  • The Axis Alliance

    The Axis Alliance
    On September, 27,1940 an alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan was made. When the war began the alliance became known as The Axis alliance.
  • The Lightening War

    The Lightening War
    Germany invades Poland, Denmark and Norway in a series of surprise attacks with lightening speed. They Conquered Denmark within hours and Norway in two months.
  • The Invasion and Surrender

    The Invasion and Surrender
    On May 10 the German forces began to invade The Netherlands and quickly invaded Belgium. The panzers began to assault France quickly and they surrounded the English channel with the port Dunkirk.The allies evacuated the port from May 26 to June 4. At the end France surrendered on June/22/1940
  • Operation Sea Lion

    Operation Sea Lion
    Hitler began to bombard Britain aiming to destroy their air power. By September their tactics changed and they started bombarding civilian targets. These raids became known as "the Blitz" and it continued until May 1941 when Hitler gave up, but altough Germany lost more than 23 000 people were killed in "the Blitz".
  • Operation Babarossa ("red beard")

    Operation Babarossa ("red beard")
    Hitler begins to invade USSR, even though they agreed not to fight eachother in 1939. Hitler needed their land for his grand German Empire and he had suspicions that their leader Joseph Stalin had other motives in mind. at first the Germans were unprepared but they managed to push them back because the army was not prepared for the harsh winters in the USSR and were ill equipped. By early 1943 Germany surrendered to Russia
  • The Turn of Events

    In December 1941 the United States of America joined the battle and with their help the Allies managed to push back the Axis Powers away and regained control of North Africa by 1943.
  • D-Day Liberation

    D-Day Liberation
    The allies launched a massive full scale invasion called, "Operation Overlord" on all Europe. The allies landed on Normandy's 80 km beach at five locations code named,"Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha, and Utah. These attackers were assisted by airplanes and paratroopers. It took eleven months to march all the way to Germany.
  • Liberation of the Netherlands and assault on Germany

    By spring 1945 the allies began to march on to Germany, while Canadian troops were assigned to liberate the Netherlands. In response the German army destroyed Amsterdam and Rotterdam which flooded most of the country side. By the end of 1944 supplies were cut off and many Dutch citizens suffered and died from the harsh winter. Finally in May/5/1945 the German army surrendered to Canadian forces. Shortly before their surrender Candians dropped food supplies and were hailed as heroes.
  • Germany Surrenders and end of World War 2

    Germany Surrenders and end of World War 2