World War 2

By B-Witty
  • germany invades poland

    germany goes into poland and takes over very fast
  • stailin attacks finland

  • invasion of france

    germany invades france
  • churchill becomes prime minister

  • Battle of Britain

    German airforce bombed britain
  • lend lease act

    enacted by congress to lease weapons to britain
  • hiler takes over the balkans

    he does this to make supplies easily transpoted over the border
  • germany blitzkrieg on russia

    germans air raid russia
  • blizkrieg on ussr

    operation barbarossa
  • Pearl Harbor

    japs bomb pearl harbor
  • United Nations Formed

  • holocaust

    jews and other outsiders killed to get rid of them
  • battle of midway

    americans vs. japs in the pacific
  • Hitlers suicide

    he kills himself with his wife
  • Battle of stalingrad

    germans try to defeat the russians but fail
  • battle of stalingrad

    germans fight the russians in stalingrad
  • battle of el alamein

    2 battles occured here
  • guadalcanal

    us fight the japs in the pacific
  • guadalcanal

    allies battle the japs in the pacific
  • japanese internment camps

    the first of these camps opned
  • tehran conference

    decleration against axis powers goes through december
  • D-Day

    the invasion of normandy to help end the war
  • MacArthurs plan

    send troops to permanently stay near japan for saftey
  • yalta conference

    called for germanys surrender
  • F.D.R Dies

    He dies of a cerebral hemorage
  • MUssolini assasinated

    was arrested and captured the killed
  • hitler's suicide

    hitler and his wife kill themselves
  • Nuremberg Trials

    trials to bring the nazis to justice throogh 1948
  • potsdam conference

    balance power in europe goes through august
  • Atomic Bombings

    bombing of hirshima and nagasaki
  • Period: to

    Cold war

    war of silence and words and nuclear scares between the us and ussr
  • marshall plan

  • Berlin Airlift

    us droped tons of supplies on berlin to aid
  • berlin wall

    construction on the wall began
  • cuban missle crisis

    the world waited for the russians to pass the boundry to declare nuclear war