World War 2

  • Nazis take Sudentland

    Nazis take Sudentland
    Germany, Britain, France and Italy came to an agreement to allow Germany to annex the Sudentland. They came to this agreement, because Germany said they would take Sudentland by force and France and Britain were trying to avoid war at all costs. They say that Britain’s and Frances reluctance to stand up to Hitler fueled his conquest of Europe. I used the picture to show the signing of the annex of Sudententland to Germany.
  • Ribbentrop/Molotov pact

    Ribbentrop/Molotov pact
    An economic agreement between Germany and Russian that Germany would give Russia manufactured materials for exchange of Russia raw materials. So that Germany had the supplies to prepare for war. This pact gave Germany what it needed to invade Poland without Russian interference. This picture shows the Russian nonaggression pact being signed.
  • Germanys Invasion of Poland

    At 4:45 Germany opened fire on Poland’s air-force and navy. Germany said that it was a defensive action. This action caused the beginning of world war 2.
  • German Blitzkreig

    German Blitzkreig
    Germany did not want a long war they wanted to defeat their enemy's in a series of quick short campaign's. This was the tactic the germans used in the early stages of world war 2. they used this tactic to conquer poland, Denmark, Belgium and several more. I used this photo to show the destructive force of blitzkreig.
  • Battle of Britain

    Germany's and Britains air force met ina battle over Britain, Britains airforce defeated germany's even though germany did countles bombing runs on britain bases. Germany was conquering surrounding areas and had set its sight on britain. After the battle of brtain the french signed out of world war 2 leaving britain by thereselves.
  • Nazi invasion of the soveit union

    Nazi invasion of the soveit union
    Hitler decided to invade russia after their sucess of invading and conquring of france and the low countries. Germany wanted to destroy the communist country and destroy the jews that lived in the country. Russia joined world war 2. This photo shows german troops as they head to russian too invade.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japan and america were already close to the verge of war. Hundred japanese fighter planes bombed peark harbor they sunk 20 vessels blew up 200 planes killed 2,000 soldiers and injured another 1,000. America joined world war 2, germany, italy, and japan went to war with america.
  • liberation of concentration camps

    liberation of concentration camps
    As allied troops moved across europe they met tens of thousand concentration camp prisoners. The russians found the first big camp, the germans did not want the people to know about the mass murder and tried to dismantle the camps. This photo shows some of the children found in the camps.
  • Allied invasion of africa

    U.S. and British strategists decided on allied landings on the western coast of africa. The landings would consist of 100,000 troop's most of them being american. The americans had touched down the front lines of the war.
  • Battle of stalingrad

    This is considered the turning point in world war 2 after this battle germany was in full retreat. Hitler thought it would be strategic to not leave a big city unconqured and behind their lines.
  • Operation Gomorrah

    British bombers bombed hamburg, germany by night america bombed them by day. Grmany had bombed britain and had killed civilains, britain had their revenge by a series of bombing runs under code name gomorrah.
  • D-day

    156,000 americans and canadians assaulted a 50 mile stretch of fortified beach on normandy. This was one of the biggest attacks in world war 2 and required extensive planning. After this battle northern france had been liberated and the main part of the war in europe had ended.
  • VE Day

    Germany surrendered ending the war in europe.
  • Battle of the bulge

    Battle of the bulge
    The Germans tried to change the misfortune by seperating the american and french forces. The americans held them back long enough for the americans to reignforce there defenses.