World War 2

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    The Invasion Of Poland

    The German army at 4:45 am fired guns at the Polish from ships. 62 Germans and 1,300 planes invaded and Hitler thought he had won, however Poland had hoped that Britain would join them and end the war.
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    Battle Of The Atlantic

    The Battle Of The Atlantic, meant that it wasn't a good time for England because all of our supplies came through the Atlantic Ocean and meant that if any ships tried to pass throught the battle, they would either be blown up, sunk, or set on fire, as they didn't have any defence. Also this was the time that the Germans began to use their U-Boats (submarines) and sink our ships from underneath. However the British forces exselled and played in their game.
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    Battle Britain

    When the Germans tried to invaded England and take over, however England was already prepared with the Air Force and had dog fights in the sky with Germany over the Channel. The good thing about the Battle of Britain was that if a German air craft was shot down, the pilots would be taken as prisoners of war and if a Birtish aeroplane was shot down then we would simply get in another aeroplane and fight again.
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    Operation Barbarossa

    Was when the German army attacked after signing the Treaty Of Versailles. Hitler had been building up his army for a long time and all the countrys were saying that if he invaded any where, he would be unbeatable.
  • Pearl Harbour

    A massive suprise bomb raid on a Military port in Oahu Hawai. Japan attacked America. This disrupted all the supplies that were being shipped at the time across the Oceans to England.
  • D-Day landings

    A miltiary operation where by the Allies invaded Germany even though Germany thought they were prepared for it! The Germans had Artillery, Pill boxes and log ramps all ready so they could slow down the process of the Aliies invasion. The Pill Boxes were used so that the Germans could shoot out of a small slit in a small, solid hut, so it was hard for the Aliies to shoot back and kill them, however they forgot that they could be bombed,
  • The dropping of the Atomic Bomb