world war 2

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  • war beings

    the german sent the blitzkring into poland and on sep 7 got germany the soviet troop to trapped poland and poland then surrendered.
  • britain and france go to war

    on sep 3 britain and france go to war with germany . 7 parliamentnhad a special session and on the 9 the suppot of britain and france was approved.
  • the phony war starts

    britain built up its defences and prepared the air forces and so did the french on the magiont line . that is the eastern border and so did the germans got the men in the rhineland fortitucations at the west wall or the siegfriend line
  • going to the war canadian people

    canada quicky maned the coastal defence and the militia regiment and volunteer and intensifed mobilized for war bgeun and in sep 58,337 men and women what to go to war. the 1 st canadian infand pivision sailed to britain in december 1 st .
  • no more phony war

    less then two months denmak and norway was conquered bye the germans and the isolated of sweden. and the norwesian fjord german subs and warships can attack british ships.
  • germany blitzkring

    holland, luemnboury, belsium, and france got blitzkrieg by the german and in 4 days holland was overun by the german or most of it was the northern end of the maginot line was overun in 10 days by the germans may 27 belgium surrendered
  • dunkick

    every vessel that can float had men on it to go to egnland 350,000 men going to egnland that day
  • bye bye paris

    the german advance in to paris. france and the collapse of italy that was under mussolini and mediterranean front. and france surrendered on june 22
  • ooo luftwaff

    the german air froce struck at britain attacking the rader stations . and the britain want to get the supermacy over the air. germen had big day time raids on london. and the allied got the fighter command. and hitler postoned the opertion sea lion. and the battle in britain was over
  • power for the canadas air froce

    canadas namber 242 squadron raf nine for its plane fighters had a run in with a 100 aircraft for the enemys over essex win iwht 12 victories and with no scatheds on them
  • alone britain

    the hesitated and delayed from hitler was a good thing for britain but not yet prepared for the enemy . canadas 1 st division had a bulk for equipment for the britains did use. and help with the role of the counter attack from the germans but not the assault.
  • dieing britains people

    the germans kill britain people in the blitz fo9 months and attacks on britain become less great britain live to see the end of the blitz.
  • for thew win

    the u.s.a help the allies and in 1941 in the war for the atlantic advance in the pacific and in 1943 the axis in north africa are gone
  • D day

    An attack that on europe operation overlord this was a all in invasion. and was planned to the smallest detail. 5 points of landing for the troops call sword, juno, gold, omaha, and utah,air attack and paratroop going in to behind the german lines.
  • D day keeps going

    30,000 canadian were the first wave of attack that juno beach. they had to make it past the concrete beriers that the germans had. two advantges that the allies had was the germans did not know about the attack and they had a massive navy and air froce that can land any were adn land alots of troops .
  • fighting a way to the inland

    2 weeks it of fighting to get to the inland and going through france and belgium that took 11 mouths to get to germany .
  • liberate holland

    the allies to get holland but failed . brcause the german destroy most of the port citys. and they flooded most of the countryside. most of the dutch sterving to death. and the winter did not help the dutch people.
  • candian wil the battle at northen city of groningen

    canada troops win the battle at northern groningenand when south to zwolle and some of the canadian troops when to apeldoorn and arnhen.
  • german troops surrounrd

    the german troops are surronded and thay surrendered and the canadians send plances with food to netherlands.and trucks with food too.
  • the end of the germans at war

    the allies and the sovit union got the germans ssurrounded the allie in the west and the soivet union in the east. germany surrendered but before that hitler and his wife eva braun committed suicide ina bunker in blerlin because he did not want to surrenered to the allies.
  • bye bye japan

    a U.S. bomber sent a atomic bomb on japans city call hiroshima and 70,000 japanese people die that day and 130,000 were wounded ans a second atomic bomb on the city of nagasaki and 40,000 people die the the japan and they realizd that cant do a thing to stop U.S. so the surrenered and the world war 2 was over.