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world war 2

By doom
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  • invasion of poland

    Nazis invade poland basicly kick starting the war with the revolutionary lightning war tactic. This involved lots of air craft and tanks for which most of the world was not yet ready for. On September 17th of the same year the Soviets joined up with the Nazis during the invasion and on the 29th Poland was no more.
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    Phony War

    A time span of between the fall of Poland and the Nazi invasion of Norway with a lack of any invasion of the western front of Europe.
  • Winter War

    Russian army invades Finland. Finish population put up a very good fight but were forced to surrender on March 12, 1940.
  • The evacuation of Dunkirk.

    On May 10th of 1940 Germany invaded the Netherlands, Belgium, Lucembourg and France. Netherlands surrendered in 4 days. Belgium held out until the 28th. When Belgium collapsed, the British and some French troops were trapped by the German forces. Taking atvantage of Hitlers surprising restraint in obliterating them, the allies managed to evacuate at a port of Dunkirk. This was a massive moral and tactical win for the allies for you see they managed to evacuate 340,000 troops, big moral win.
  • Other invasions

    Red army took control of the Baltic states. For those who forget the names, they are Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. On a related note the Nazis took Romania in Octover 1940
  • Fall of France

    On June 14th Germans entered France. the blitzkrieg stategy and better military tec proved to much for the French, who had no choice but to surrender. Do note that the French still had an active resistance, and were not pathetic cowards as memeticly stated.
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    Battle of Britain

    In July of 1940, the German air force started invading Britian in order to soften it up for a land invasion that never happened. Main targets were supply convoys, air fields, mililtary bases, radar stations and even civilians. Though the Brits were outnumbered 3 to 1 in terms of plains, the Brits mantained a vastly higher kill ratio, shooting down almost double the number of plains then the Germans. This was achived through the fact the RAF had better training, better planes and actual radar.
  • The Blitz

    By mistake on the stated date, a German bomber acidently bombed London. In retatiation, Churchill ordered the bombing of Berlin, and in retaliation of that, Hitler ordered for the Blitz, a massive bombing of civilians in Britian to break their moral. This failed, Churchill and the general British polulation had an unbreakable screw you attitude to Germany and did not falter. This failure to break moral caused Hitler to postpone the land invasion of Britian
  • Barbosa

    Hitler finally decided to betray his also planning on double crossing him allie Russia. This attack took Russia completly by surprise, and from the outset Germany had the uperhand, Russia had shit military leadership, Germans had the mastered Blitzkrieg tactic and massively organized invasion force. However, Stalin by some mirical managed to rally the people to his side and used the old fashion earth scorcher policy used on Napolion. Did not help Hitler was starting to really lose it.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Hitler for purly reasons rooted in a "screw you Stalin" mindset, ordered the attack on the city named after Stalin. The fighting was brutal, losses heavy, both sides ordered not to retreat. By late November the Germans had all supply lines cut and by Febuary of 1943 300,000 German troops had surrerndered. Massive Soviet win and Massive loss for the Nazis. Basicly a massive turning point
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    Battle of El Alamein

    A massive battle to take control of the massivly important Suez canal. Between the established dates, the allied forces defeated the German and Italian forces, pushing them into retreat. This kept the canal in allied hands, denied middle east oil to Hitler and was a massive moral victory.
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    Turing Point in the Battle for the Atlantic

    In the spring of 1943, a turing point was reached for the dominance in Atlantic. in past 2 years, German U-boats were crippling to allied efforts, destroying supply ships to the front, faster then they could be made. This changed when Radar was deployed to the navi as to sink ships better, convoys were better organized and the transmition codes of the Germans were cracked. This damaged the Germans to the point Uboats were made useless.
  • The Italian Campaign

    With the axis forces booted out of Africa, the allies deemed it neccacary that Italy should be taken out before the proper French liberation. On the posted day, the allies invaded Sicily. The naitive italians offered little resistance but the Germans fought hard. Sicly surrendered in September of 1943.
  • Italy Surrenders, kind of.

    During the Sicily campaign, Mussolini and his government were over thrown by the anti-facist Italians, and the new government surrendered on the posted day. Hitler, determine to retain his only Europeon ally, saved Mussolini and made him leader of what territory the axis still controled. The Italian campaign continued, mainly against the German forces present.
  • Normady Invasion

    D-day. The facists are doomed. After a test trail and a fake landing the allies go in for the kill. An amphibious assult, Utah and Omaha were given to the USA, Gold and Sword were taken by the Brits while Canada took Juno. Canada took some of the most territory in the assult, gaining much respect. For an idea of what it was like for the allies, go watch Saving Private Ryan.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    During the final drive to Berlin by the Allies, after the Liberation of France, the Germans found a weak spot in the ally advance, and made one last offensive in the Ardennes, sending 200,000 German troops at an allied force of 80,00. They advanced quite far, gaining 60 miles from December 15-25. This dirupted the US plan of ending the war by Xmas.