World war 2

  • Isolationationiam

    Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King did not want Canada to get involved with the WWII conflict. They had recently got out of a depression and from all of the terrible disasters that had happened in WWI he did not want that to happen again. King wanted Canada to be isolationist.
  • Period: to

    World War 2

  • League of Nations and Totalitarianism

    Meanwhile Japan was invading China and Italy was attacking Abyssinia. The League of Nations had tried to stop this but had failed to do so. Japan was also becoming the most totalitarian country because of its emperor. Some states had little power because they would only answer to the emperor. Another reason was of their Gestapo like police force which gave them the power to arrest, torture or kill anyone who was thought to be a threat to the country.
  • Hitler's Imperialism

    Hitler’s imperialism, League of Nations, and totalitarianism were major roles in the start of WWII. The German leader Hitler had been taking over a lot of countries in Europe. He had wanted to invade a place in Czechoslovakia, Sudetenland, but France and Britain had wanted to negotiate Sudetenland for peace in Czechoslovakia. Later on Hitler had broken his promise and took over the rest of Czechoslovakia
  • Jewish Refudgees

    Although Canada knew about what was happening to Germany to the Jews, King still wanted Canada to stay isolationism. Some people in Canada had supported the countries and that had approved Hitler’s policies and some had recommended that 10 000 Jewish people immigrate to Canada but the cabinet had refused because the Jewish were known as burden and could not support themselves. Therefore Canada would only let the British or the United States immigrate.
  • Dunkirk

    German panzers had reached the French Port of Dunkirk which surrounded Allied Forces. Britain had to get everybody out of this town before Germany took over. Britain rescued nearly 340 000 allied soldiers. Hitler came up with Operation Sea Lion to defeat the Royal Air Force (RAF) which was a British air force.
  • Candas Involvment

    But Canada become more involved than they thought when industrialist C.D. Howe was put in charge to gear up anything from ships to constructing new planes and bombers. As you can see Canada became very much involved in WWII .
  • Economic changes in Canada

    Canada changed in many ways during the war. The country provided major military and economic support to the Allies. The amount of goods it produced was astonishing, in 1939 Canada produced 5.6 billion and in 1945 11.8 billion.
  • Brittain and France Declare War!

    Soon enough he was taking over Poland. Britain and France told Hitler to get his troops out of Poland Hitler declined and Britain and France declared war September 3 1939
  • British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

    King wanted Canada to help with supplies and training instead of bring in troops to avoid conscription. So Canada agreed to come up with the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP). They trained more than 130 000 pilots, navigators, flight engineers and ground crew.
  • Bombing London

    Hitler had bombed parts of London but at the same time Britain was bombing Berlin a city in Germany, which had angered Hitler so he ordered to bomb London and other British cities which was called “the blitz”. During the battle of Britain more than 23 000 people were killed.
  • The War at Home (Women and Economy)

    The women of the 1940’s were taking on the roles of men, as the women were shifting so was the economy. Hard work and supporting helped the soldiers. Canada was well assembled in production and employment.
  • War at Home (Social Change and Conscripton)

    The government was trying to control the people, and remove striking; Canadians still brought it upon to strike. They wanted higher wages and better working conditions. Canadians were forced to put in more war effort by the Conservative Party, doing so Prime Minister King immediately brought in the National Resource Mobilization Act (NRMA). This allowed the government to take over any of the resources and allowed conscription for home defense only.
  • Germans capture France!

    Today the germans capture France with surrender!
  • Hitler Gave Up

    In September 1940 the RAF shot down German bombers, Hitler gave up invading Britain.
  • Crimes Against Humanity (Holocaust, Asia)

    In 1941 the Holocaust was what the Germans called the “Final Solution”. Hitler ordered all Jewish people and “undesirables” to be shipped to concentration camps where they were murdered, tortured, and worked as slave labourers. By 1945 the Germans had killed more than 6 million Jewish people. Another disaster was the Japanese POW camps. People faced devastating tragedies. The Tokyo Trails passed sentence or military personnel and was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity
  • Germans Surrendered to Soviet Union

    After the battle of Britain, Hitler created Operation Barbarossa June 22, 1941. This was a huge attack on the Soviet Union. Hitler saw the Soviet Union as a resource to raw materials, agriculture and labour. Germany entered the cold soviet winter were they lost 300 000 casualties in 1942 soon enough the Germans surrendered in 1943.
  • Pearl Harbour

    Japan was ready to invade the American and European colonies in Southeast Asia for oil, rubber and tin. Their strategy for this was a surprise bomb attack on December 7th on the American’s Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. This tragedy killed 2400 people and destroyed the United States ships. Hours after Pearl Harbour Japan attacked the British colony, Hong Kong. The Canadians had 20,000 inexperienced soldiers there that were no match to the skilled Japanese
  • "Black Christmas"

    18 days after the bombings of pearl harbour and hong kong, the Japanese had won, and killed all but 1700 soldiers. The survivors were captured and put under horrific conditions and used as slaves. Because of these attacks U.S and their allies declared war on Japan, Germany and Italy.
  • Tide Turns

    After a small sea battle the German troops were alerted to shore and the Canadian ships were delayed and forced to land in daylight and the tanks could work on the terrain, making easy targets. Due to bad communication the next group of Canadian soldiers were sent to the bloody battle. These soldiers as well were stranded and easy targets. In this horrific 9 hour battle out of the 5000 Canadian soldiers sent 907 were killed, 600 wounded and 1946 were taken prisoner.
  • Tide Turns 2

    In 1942 the allied power The Soviet union had lost 1 million soldiers against the Germans. In attempts to defeat the Germans the allies made a plan to invade Europe to the west, forcing the Germans to fight on 2 fronts. They wanted to send a trail runs to test new technologies and techniques. On the morning of August 19th the ship carrying the Canadian soldiers met a German convoy.
  • Total Control of Mediterranean

    In order to control the Mediterranean they had to take over to access points Suez Canal and the Strait of Gibraltar. Finally the allied forces had victory in North America May 3 1943
  • D-day landings

    The allies launched “Operation Overlord” to invade Europe. They carefully planned everything out to avoid disasters like the last invasion. They sent troops to 5 different beaches along the Normandy coast in France with lots of air and naval support, to help bring in more troops, vehicles and supplies. They were able to keep these attacks quite, catching the Germans off guard and unprepared.
  • Juno Beach

    14000 Canadian soldiers landed on Juno beach to fight their way through landmines, barbed wire, and concrete barriers. At the end of the day they fought there way in by 9 km, with the loss of 359 Canadians and 715 wounded. The campaign was hard, but Canada was able to free parts of Europe. In October the Canadians were sent to clear the river that connected Antwerp to the North Sea. After a month of traitorous battle the Canadians won and used the river to bring in more supplies.
  • The canadians move through to holland

    The allies began to push the Germans out of the Netherlands. The fight was a hard struggle and 2300 allied and Canadian soldiers were killed but the Germans withdrew on march 10th , allowing the Canadian’s threw to Holland.
  • World war 2 ends!

    world war 2 ends for the nazis!
  • Society changes in Canada

    The change in society was greatly converting women. They took charge in society and promoted their rights as workers. Tons of women were entering the country as war brides. There were approximately 48000 war brides and also 21000 children. Arriving to Canada wasn’t always easy; it was very difficult to adjust at a new culture. Canada only allowed preferred immigrants from certain parts of Europe to enter Canada
  • World war 2 ends Officially!

    End of world war 2 The allies win!
  • First atomic bomb drops on hiroshima, Japan!

    Today U.S. bombers drop the first ever atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan!
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    On March 1945, the Americans began fire-bombing Japanese cities trying to force them to surrender, because the Americans and the Japanese were at war. August 6, 1945 an American bomber plane dropped an atomic bomb over the city of Hiroshima, killing and injuring 100,000. Three days after the horrifying event an atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki this made the Japanese surrender on August 14, 1945.