world war 2

  • U.S & britain join forces

    U.S & britain join forces
    Churchill wired president roosevelt two days after the pearl harbor attack. this begun a remarkable alliance between two nations
  • War plans

    War plans
    Churchhill arrived at the whitehouse styed for 3 days and discussed war plans with president roosevelt.
  • Battle of the atlantic

    Battle of the atlantic
    in the first four months of 1942 the germans sank 87 ships off the atlantic shore, 7 months into the year german wolf packs had destroyed a total of 681 allied ships in the atlantic. something had to be done.
  • battle of stalinggrad

    battle of stalinggrad
    the german army confidiently approached stalingurd in august of 1942, neraly every wooden building in stalinguard was seet ablaze. the situaion looked so bad that the soviet union officers recomended blowing up the cities factories & evacuating the city.
  • North african front

    North african front
    allied troops landed in casablanca, oran, and algiers, in north africa. from there they spen eastward. british general Harold Alexander, sent a message to churchill "all enemy resistance has creased. we are now masters of north amercian shores."amercian coorespndent ernie pyle caught the victorious troops
  • The italian campaign

    The italian campaign
    king victoria summoned duce 2 and had him striped of his power and arrested
  • Liberation of death camps

    Liberation of death camps
    allied troops pressed eastward into german heartland and soviet army pushed westward across poland toward berlin
  • Battle of the Buldge

    Battle of the Buldge
    under cover of dence fog eight german tank divisions broke through weak amercians defences along the 80-mile fonts. hitler hoped it woould split between amercian and german forces and break up allied supply lines.
  • Roosevelt's death

    Roosevelt's death
    while posing for a portrait he had a stroke and died
  • unconditional surrender

    unconditional surrender
    soviet army stormed berlin.
  • d-day

    the day on which ground operations began during the War in Iraq, involving invading coalition forces of the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and some other countries