World Changer- Benjamin Franklin

By rm209ca
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    birth date

  • Birth

    Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17,1706 in Boston Massuchusetts, Pennsylvania, Hostpital.
  • The time when he went to school

    The time when he went to school
    Benjamin Franklin went to Boston Latain in 1712 at the age of 8.
  • When Ben ends school.

    When Ben ends school.
    In 1715 it was Bens formal year of schooling heard Increase mather preach.
  • Inventing things

    Inventing things
    Begins reading plutarch, defoe,and cotton mather Invented a pair of swimming fins for his hands briefly Invented as a cutler.
  • When he trained with his brother james.

    Benjamin Franklin trained with his brother james as aprinter for 7 years until he opened his own printing shop
  • plubishing his first pamphlet

    Plubishing his first pamhlet a dissertaion upon liberty and necessity pleaser and pain.
  • comes home

    comes home
    Benjamin Franklin comes home to work for Thomas Denman in July in 1726.
  • opened his own printing shop

    opened his own printing shop
    In 1728 Ben opened his own printing shop.
  • wife and kids

    wife and kids
    Ben married Debrah. They had three kids William,Sally,and Francis witch he died from a common disease.
  • conducts lighting.

    conducts lighting.
    Benjamin Franklin conducts lighting experment in 1752.
  • signs the french Alliance

    signs the french Alliance
    Signs the French Alliance in 1778.
  • got elected for president

    got elected for president
    In 1785 Benjamin Franklin got elected for president.
  • Helps write the consistion during 1787

    Helps write the consistion during 1787
    In 1787 Benjamin Franklin helped write the constituion during.
  • When he died.

    When he died.
    In 1790 Benjamin Franklin died of very old age.(84)