Woodrow Wilson 28th president

  • Woodrow's dad

    Woodrow's mom and dad moved from Ohio to Virginia 7 years before he was born
  • Move

    Move to Georgia
  • Move

    Move back to Virginia
  • Birth

    Woodroe Wilson was born in virginia
  • Move

    Woodrow Wilson's family moved to Columbie,South Carolina
  • Entered collage

    Woodrow Wilson went to Davidson college
  • Move

    Woodrow Wilson's family moved to Wilmington,North Carolina
  • Left collage

    Woodrow Wilson graduated from Davidson collage
  • law school

    Woodrow Wilson entered law school
  • Princeton

    Woodrow Wilson was President of Princeton University
  • 1st Spouse

    Ellen Louise Axson was Woodrow's first wife.She died in 1914
  • Became President

    He was elected president
  • 2nd Spouse

    Edith Bolling Galt was Woodrow's second wife,they married a year and a half after his first wife's death
  • 2nd term

    Woodrow Wilson begins 2nd term
  • Award

    Woodrow Wilson was awarded the Noble Peace Prize
  • Women Rights to vote

    Woodrow Wilson helped pass the 19th amendment to let women vote
  • Left office

    Woodrow Wilson left office
  • Death

    He died of a stroke,at the age of 67
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