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Women's Civil Rights

  • Virginia Dare

    Virginia Dare
    Virginia Dare becomes the first English child born in the New World.
  • Dinah Nuthead

    Dinah Nuthead
    Dinah Nuthead becomes the first woman printer in the country, in Annapolis, Maryland, by continuing her husband’s business after his death.
  • Elizabeth Timothy

    Elizabeth Timothy
    Elizabeth Timothy becomes the first woman in America to edit a newspaper, the South Carolina Gazette.
  • Mrs.Samuel Slater

    Mrs.Samuel Slater
    Mrs. Samuel Slater, the inventor of cotton sewing thread, becomes the first American to receive a patent.
  • Dolley Madison

    Dolley Madison
    North Carolina native Dolley Madison becomes First Lady when James Madison is inaugurated as the fourth president. She remains one of the most popular First Ladies in the nation’s history.
  • Catherine Ann Devereux

    Catherine Ann Devereux
    Catherine Ann Devereux is born in Halifax County. A member of the wealthy antebellum elite, she keeps a journal during the Civil War that is published in 1979.
  • Ethel H. Porter

    Ethel H. Porter
    Ethel H. Porter, of Lincolnton, patents her invention related to cutting feed for horses and cattle. This was the first known patent issued to a North Carolina woman.
  • Greensboro College

    Greensboro College
    Greensboro College, North Carolina’s first chartered college for women, is opened and operated by the Methodist Church.