William James Farrer Family life

By stmps
  • Farrer was Born

    William Farrer was born on the 3rd of April 1845 at Docker, Westmorland, England, the son of Thomas Farrer, a tenant farmer, and his wife Sharh, nee Brunskill.
  • Migation

    Farrer fell ill and decided to migate to Australiain 1870 at the age of 25 years old, with hope of improvinghis health.
  • Farrer Married

    On the 11th of September 1882 at St Philip's Anglican Church, Sydney, Farrer married Nina Henrietta Sophia Fane de Salis, daughter of Leopold de Salis. They where childless.
  • Farrer Died

    Farrer continued his work until his death, of heart disease, on16 April 1906 and was buried on the hilltop behind their house at lambrigg.
  • Farrer's wife Died

    His wife died on the 20 of February 1929. She was buried on the hilltop behind thier house at Lambrigg next to her husband.