William Golding

  • Birthday

    Born in Saint Columb Minor, Cornwall, England. He grew up in a 14th century house right next to a graveyard. His mother is Mildred and his father is Alex.
  • First novel

    William was only 12 years old when he first attempted to write a novel. Unfortunately, he did not succeed and became very angry. He turned to bullying his peers as a relief.
  • College

    After primary, William went to attend Brasenose College at Oxford university. His father wanted him to become a scientist, but William studied english literature instead.
  • Poems

    William published his first work, which was a book of poetry. The book was titled "Poems". Critics overlooked this collection heavily.
  • Teaching

    William worked in settlement houses and the theater after college for a while. Eventuallyhe ended up following behind his father and took a teaching job. He taught english and philosophy at Bishop Wordsworth's school in Salisbury. The boys he taught that misbehaved influenced him to write "Lord of the flies".
  • World War ||

    While William was very passionate about teaching at the time, he temporarily abandoned it.