William bayliss-by Nicolo Lombardi

  • William's birth

    He was born in Wolverhampton,Staffordshire,England to Moses Bayliss and Jane Maddock.
  • Period: to

    William bayliss's lifetime

  • Period: to

    his time at the university college of london

    1881 and 1884 william went to the University College of London to get his education.
  • 1884 william switches over to Wadham College,Oxford University

  • Period: to

    william was a proffesor at the university college of London

  • William and Ernest Starling discover secretin

    In 1902, collaborating with Ernest Starling, they disvored secretin a horomone that causes the pancreas,to aid digestion, to secrete juices.
  • The "Brown dog affair"

    in 1903,culminating in the "brown dog affair", experiments upon animals, performed by William, angered anti-vivisectionists.
    He sued the people accusing him of illegal for libel and won £2000 which he donated to the university college for phsioligcal research.
  • joined the royal society

    The U.K. accademy of science founded in 1660.
  • Period: to

    The brown dog affair

  • book published-The nature of Enzyme Action

  • awarded the royal medal

    2 medals awarded annually by the royal society.Awarded for important contributions to natural science and distinguished contributions in the applied sciences.
  • Period: to

    was an proffesor of general physiology at the university College of London

  • book published-principals of general physiology

    served as a standard tex through four editions for many years.
  • awarded the Copley medal

    Awarded for contributions to science.The highest reward by the royal society.
  • awarded knighthood

  • book published-The Vaso-motar system

  • William's death

    He died in London,England of unspecified causes