Wilbur and Orville wright -the airplane

  • Wilbur Wright was born

     Wilbur Wright was born
  • Orville wright was born

    Orville wright was born
  • wilbur and orville toy

    wilbur and orville toy
    one day their father came home and gave his two sons a plane made with paper,bamboo,cork rubber band that would twirl its little propeller. these tow would go out side to play with it intell it broke.
  • in side of their bicycle shop

  • the brothers make measurements

    the brothers make measurements
  • Their first kite glider

    Their first kite glider
    In 1900 these two smart enineers started to build this full size kite, kite it had strings all over the,skinny wooden poles,that would hold the upper andlower wing togeter.
  • Wilbur kite

    Wilbur kite
    wilbur did not have a tail on his kite because he wonted the glider nose in front it.
  • orvill kite

    orvill kite
    orvill had a tail on the kite so it can stay balence
  • their first flight

    their first flight
    adding power
  • Wilbur died

    Wilbur died
    He Died at the aged 45 in Dayton, Oh
  • Orvill died

    Orvill died
    He was 76 years old and had a heart attack