Week 6 English Assignment

  • Time Magazine is published

    The first issue is published on this date
  • Calvin Coolidge is inaugurated for the first time

  • Woodrow Wilson dies

  • The IBM corporation is founded.

  • The Great Gatsby was Published

    F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes The Great Gatsby.
  • Hitler publishes Mein Kampf

  • The scopes Trial

    The scopes trial begins and would later convict John T. Scopes of teaching Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory at a Dayton, Tennessee high school, which violated Tennessee law. He is fined $100 for the charge.
  • The NBC Radio Network is formed

    The NBC Radio Network is formed by Westinghouse, General Electric, and RCA, opening with twenty-four stations.
  • The construction on Mt. Rushmore began.

    It was finished 14 years later
  • Babe Ruth's 60th

    New York Yankees star Babe Ruth hits his 60th home run of the season, breaking his own record of 59.
  • Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean