Watchmen 1928 to 1949

  • Hollis Mason's dad begins working at Vernon's auto repair

  • Period: to

    1928 to 1949

  • Jon Osterman is born

  • Moe finds out his wife is cheating on him with one of his employees and kills himself

  • Edgar Jacobi begins his career as Moloch

  • First issue of Action Comics came out - "the year they invented the superhero"

  • Hollis Mason graduates from police academy

  • Masked Avengers make the front page

  • The Minutemen start fighting crime

  • Sally Jupiter featured in an article in the Daily World

  • Hollis Mason becomes Nite Owl

  • The Silhouette starts making headlines

  • Comedian tries to rape Sally Jupiter

  • Walter Kovacs born

  • Comedian sent to South Pacific

  • Comedian lands in Iwo Jima

  • Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

    Jon's dad doesn't want him to become a watchmaker anymore; he wants him to be an atomic scientist
  • Jon's dad wants him to become a physicist and not a watchmaker

  • Silhouette expelled from Watchmen for being a lesbian

  • Silhouette and her lover are murdered

  • Sally quits crimefighting to marry her agent

  • Jon arrives at Princeton

  • The Minutemen quit