Voting Rights in the United States Timeline

  • Constitution was ratified

    Only adult men the owned property had the right to vote.
  • Religious Qualificatioins Dropped

    Everyone has the right to vote regardless of their religion.
  • Property Requirements Dropped

    Whether you had property or not, you were given the right to vote.
  • 15th Admendment

    Former slaves given the right to vote. Any adult male can vote regardless of their race.
  • 19th Admendment

    Womeen have the right to vote.
  • 23rd Admendment

    Allows voters of the District of Columbia to participate in presidential elections.
  • 24th Admendment

    Bans poll tax for voting in elections.
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965

    MLK bring out voter registration drive to get others to acknowledge that African Americans should have the right to vote.
  • 26th Admendment

    Legal voting age is 18.