Voting rightis in the united states

  • constitution is ratified

    only white male property owners have the right to vote.
  • Religious qualifications dropped

    last religious requirement , voting is eliminated
  • property requirements dropped

    property tax and ownership eliminalte almost evry male could vote.
  • 15th ammendment

    gives former slaves right to vote, and protects any raced male the right to vote.
  • 19th ammendment

    guarantees womans suffarage
  • 23 ammendment

    district of columbia aloowed to participate in presidential election.
  • 24th ammendment

    bans the poll tax for voting in federal elections.
  • voting rights act of 1963

    protects the right of minoriy voters and eliminates voting barriers , the act is expanded and renewed 1970 ,1975 ,1982
  • 26th ammendment

    minimum voting age is 18.