Timeline created by RileyFlanagan
  • 1567

    St. Francis De Sales was born

  • Jan 23, 1572

    St. Jane was born

    She was born in Dijon, France
  • St. Francis de Sales went to school

    He went to the Collège de Clermont in Paris
  • St. Jane got married

  • St. Jane met St. Francis De Sales

    She met him while he was preaching
  • St. Francis de Sales dies

  • St. Jane died

  • Margaret Mary Alacoque was born

  • St. Francis de Sales Was canonized

  • Margret Mary joined the visitation community

  • Margret Mary had her first vision

  • St. Jane was canonized

  • Mary de Sales was born

    in Soyhieres
  • Mary de Sales professes her final vows

  • Fr. Brisson was ordained a priest

  • Leonine Aviat was born

  • Oblates final vows

  • 7 Visitation Sisters

    They were shot and killed. They died for their religion which made them Martyrs. Their feats day is on November 18th.