US involvment in ww 2

By uk2k
  • Formation of the axis powers

    Facist countries goin together by arguing tripartite pact (Germany, italy, japan) These countries are now allied powers. This alliance was fromed to keep u.s out of war. These countries will now offically be eniemes if they join the war.
  • Re-election of 1940 Roosevelt

    Re-election of 1940 Roosevelt
    Roosevelt breaks the 2 term policy begun by George Washington and decided run for reelction. Both roosevelt and his republican opponet both argeed to add britain and promised to keep us out of war. Because of few difference in the opponets the electors chose Roosevelt because they knew what was best. They reelected him by nearly 55 perecent votes cast.
  • Land Lease

    Land Lease
    Britain ran out of supplies and money to buy arsenal. This brought up a new plan by roosevelt called the " Land Lease policy" which roosevelt would allow Britain to borrow supplies from U.S.. Roosevelt stats its the only way to prevent fire spreading to your own property. This act was passed in march of 1941.
  • Hitler breaks agreement with stalin!

    Hitler breaks agreement with stalin!
    After the Land Lease act is passes Hitler breaks the agreement made with Stalin in 1939 not to go to war and invaded soviet union. Roosevelt agreed with Churchill " Hitler invaded hell then British would be prepared to work with the devil himself. ( HItler shut down the Alantic Ocean, to prevent goods being shipped into britain) U-boats sunk other ships known as German Wolf Packs.
  • Signing of the Alantic Charter

    A meeting between Winston Churchill and Roosevelt. Meet on the USS Augusta to discuss the war in Europe. Meetinng resulted in the signing of the Alantic Charter. Pledged : collective security, disarmament, self-determination, econoic cooperation, and freedom. The Alantic charter became the basis of a new document called " Declartion of The United Nations."
  • Roosevelt orders to fire upon german U-Boats

    Roosevelt orders to fire upon german U-Boats
    Roosevelts authorized to fire upon German U-Boats after Germans fired upon the U.S Destroyer ( Greer) in the Alantic Ocean. Days later Germans had sunk the U.S Destroyer, killing more than 100 sailors.
  • attack od dec 7

    attack od dec 7
    japan tacks the U.S down in pearl Harbor. Stopped shipping oil to japan.2,403 people were killed and another 1,000 were fatally injured. It was a suprise attack, and Roosevelt gives his famous speech says this day will live infinmenous.