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"US History: VHS Summer: Divesh Anchaliya

  • Sand Creek Massacre

    Sand Creek Massacre
    The Sand Creek Massacre was an event in US history in which the US Army massacred a village of Cheyenne and Arapahoe people in Colorado in which 2/3 of the village were helpless women and children. This event happened on November 29, 1864
  • Treaty of Fort Laramie

    Treaty of Fort Laramie
    The treaty of Fort Laramie was a treaty signed by the US and several Native American tribes(Lakota,Dakota,Araphoe) established reservations across the US(Great Sioux Reservation). This treaty was signed on April 29 1868 in Fort Laramie,Wyoming.
  • The Gilded Age

    The Gilded Age
    The Gilded Age was a time period of economic growth and prosperity that swept through the United States. Some families gained an immeasurable amount of Wealth through corruption and manipulation.
  • Description of this Timeline

    This time line will start from 1860 and will end at 2011. This timeline will have different events, and ideas that are important to understanding US History.
  • The Haymarket Square Tragedy

    The Haymarket Square Tragedy
    The Haymarket Square Tragedy was a labor protest on May 4th 1886 in Chicago that turned deadly. Across Chicago, many workers were peacefully protesting for an 8 hour workday, however someone decided to throw a live bomb in into the crowd which incurred many casualties.
  • Populism

    Populism is a political approach that appeals to the common people who feel that their concern are disregard by the established elite groups. This movement which became a poltical party was first introduced in 1890s as a political party which succeeded the Green-Back Labor party.
  • Progressivism

    Progressivism is a political movement which supports political reform and this movements reached its peak in the early twentieth century. It's beliefs favored urban-industrial societies and the ability to intervene in economic and social affairs
  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinands

    Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinands
    Franz Ferdinands, the Archduke of Austria-Hungary and the next heir to the throne, was assassinated on June 28 1914 by Gavirlo Principal. This event shocked the world and led to Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia, which was the start of world war 1.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty signed by the big 4 in Paris on June 28, 1919. This treaty ended the First World War and saw a means of retribution and made Germany forfeit every thing that they took from others.
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    The Great Depression was a time period of financial strain and economic hardships from 1929-1939 across America. This time period was mainly caused by the stock market crash in 1929.
  • The New Deal

    The New Deal
    The New Deal was a series of programs, public works projects, financial reforms and regulation enacted by Franklin Roosevelt. It was enacted on March 3 1933.
  • Isolationism in the 1930s

    Isolationism in the 1930s
    American approach to foreign policy where America would remain apart from the affairs and interests of other foreign country and America would distance themselves from events between other countries. This approach failed when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and President FDR made the choice to put America in the war with the Allied Forces against Japan
  • V-E day Victory

    V-E day Victory
    V-E day is the day that the German forces surrendered to the Allied Forces in Berlin on May 8th 1945 after decisive wins in the beaches of Normandy. This day stands for Victory in Europe and marks the end of World War 2 in Europe
  • Communism

    Communism is a political theory developed by Karl Marx in which in a society all property is communally owned not privately owned and wealth is distributed equality regardless of education, job type and skill level. This radical ideas was spread by the USSR in the Cold War period to other European and Asian nations. This infectious spread was feared by the American Government who tried to stop it.
  • Rosa Parks Boycott

    Rosa Parks Boycott
    On December 5 1955 Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat on a specific parer of the bus where " the white peoples sit". Her defense was that all people should have the freedom to sit wherever they want and not get persecuted for that. This actions sparked a social movement campaigning for desegregation in public places.
  • Passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

    Passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was civil rights law that was passed by congress in the US that outlawed discrimination based on race, color,sex, and national orgin. It would late on be adapted to protest people from serration based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The law was passed on July 2 1964
  • Reaganomics

    Reaganomics were the economic polices of Ronald Reagan who believed 4 main concepts of Reaganomics. The main focus of Reaganomics was to reduce growth of government spending, reduce federal income tax/capital gains, reduce government regulation, and tighten the money supply to reduce inflation.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    The World Wide Web was created in the 90s for commercial purposes. The creation of the World Wide Web made working from easier and made long distance communication through email a lot easier.
  • Operation Desert Storm

    Operation Desert Storm
    Operation Desert Storm was a military operation led by President Bush that would drive out Iraqi Forces from Kuwait which Iraq had annexed a few months before. The US along with her allies was able to drive out Iraqi forces successfully.
  • Cold War

     Cold War
    The Cold War was a period of geo-political tension between the US and the USSR due to the spread of Communism by the USSR which the US disliked. Although no fighting actually happened both countries were prepared to engage in war if the other actually attacked first.
  • Columbine Shooting

    Columbine Shooting
    The Columbine Shooting was a school shooting in Denver Colorado perpetrated by two teenagers who attended the school. 13 victims tragically lost their lives an 24 were injured making the school shooting one of America's worst shootings ever,