U.S. history chapter 2jennifer rhodes

By Roady
  • george 3

    becomes king of great britain
  • Period: to


  • british parlimaent

    passes the stamp act
  • tea party

    colonists stage the tea party
  • intolerable acts

    parliment passes the intolerable acts/ first continental congress convenes
  • luois XVI

    begins reighn in france
  • continental congress

    second conventional congress convenes
  • colonists

    declare independece
  • wealth of nations

    adam smith wrote wealth of nations
  • British

    surrender at yorktown
  • joseph 2

    allows religeous toleration on austria
  • edmund cartwrite

    invents first power loom
  • danial shay

    leads rebellion on higher tax
  • sarah leone

    made a haven for slaves
  • presidency

    washington is elected president
  • president

    washington is reelected