Unit2 timeline

By sera1
  • French and Indian War

    1.) Fought between England aand France.2.)Fought over control of North American territories.3.)Starty of the war was a result of Indians led by George Washington killing a French officer.
  • Traety of Paris

    1.) Endend the French and Indian war.2.)England was deits North American claims.England determined to be the victor of this war.3.)France loses all of its North American claims.England claims all land west to the Mississppi River and North through Canada.
  • Proclamation

    1.) Colonists were forebidden to cross the Appalaton Mountains. 2.)British army was stationed in yhe colonies 3.)Colonists were angerd because they were being told what to do.
  • Sugar act

    1.) Tax on sugar and molasses.2.) It did not effect many people but, the fact of taxes was an issue.
  • Stamp act

    1.) Tax on legal documents, bassically every piece of paper.2.) Congress formed a boycott.3.) The tax was eventually repealed.
  • Quartering act

    It was established as a way for the English to save money on their troops stationed in the colonies.2.)Soliders were admitted into colonists homes with the right and exception of room and board.
  • Townshend act

    1.) This was a act that placed a tax a numerous househeld items.2.) Items such as lead,glass,paper,and deeds.
  • Boston Massacre

    1.) This was an event that involved an angrey mob outside of a Boston Customs House.2.) During this protest 5 Colonists were shot and killed by the British troops.3.) One of the individuals was Crispus Attucks
  • Tea act

    1.) This act created a tax on tea coming from England. 2.) It gave the East Indian tea comany a monopoly or complete control of the tea trade in the Colonies.3.) The Colonists did not like this.4.) As aresult to protest we end up have the Boston Tea Party
  • Boston Tea Party

    This was an event that was a result of the Tea Act.2.) During the Boston Tea Party members of the sons of liberty got together and dumped 90 thousand pounds of tea.3.) This was a protest that ends up resulting in the intolerable acts.
  • First Continental Congress

    1.) The first continental congress delagates voted to ban all trade with Britian untill the intollerable acts were repealed. 2.) They also called on each colony to train troops.3.) This was to talk about the issue of the Intlollerable acts.
  • Intolerableacts

    1.)In retribution of the Boston Tea Party the English government.2.) To punish the Massachuchetts colony the port of Boston was closed, Committies of Correspondence (colonial meetings) were ended.3.) This was done to make an example of Massachusetts and Sons Of Liberty involved in the Boston Tea Party.
  • Lexington

    1.) The first shots fired began the Revolution War as 700 British troops met 70 militiamen.
  • Concord

    1.) After the initial skirmish the 700 British troops then move on to Concord.
  • Bunker Hill

    1.)British army marched down to Bunker Hill to remove the colonists.2.) Americans were low on gunpoder " dont shoot until you see the whites of their eyes",Colonists retreated.3.) The British won the war and they lost over 1000 soliders.
  • Common Sense

    1.) Thomas Paine made this article in 1776. 2.) this was about how the colonists felt. 3.) Common Sense increased public support for america.
  • Declaration of Independence

    1.) Ben Franklin,John Adams,and Thomas Jefferson they prepared the declaration of Independence.
  • Battle Of Trenton

    1.) This battle involves a suprise attack where George Washington crosses the frozen Delaware River on December 25th 1776.
  • Battle Of Princeton

    1.)Just over a week after the victory at Trenton George Washington ant the army leave a surprise battle and they win.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    1.) This was a turning point of the Revolutionary war. 2.) The French and Spain came to our aid.
  • Winter at Valley Forge

    1.) Washington and his men spent the long cold winter of 1777-1778 in valley forge Pennstlvania.2.) Troops were desperate for food and wrm clothes.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    1.) This battle essentualy ends theRevolutionary war.2.) At this battle General Lord Cornwallis gets trapped on penisuala by American and French ground troops as the French Navy.3.) The British troops are under siege for up to 3 weeks before they decide to surrender.