Unit 6: Legislation Policies

  • Naturalization Act

    This required applicants for citizenship to have declared intention to becoming a citizen 5 years prior to application and have lived in the U.S 14 years when they application was admitted. This was so there was no longer subjects of any nation the U.S was at war with at the time of the application.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    This was to exclude the Chinese from migrating into the United States. The government felt that the Chinese laborers were a threat to the locals. This Act suspended the Chinese from coming for the next 10 years. If someone was caughtw without a stamp that the U.S gave them after being registered then they would be fined $500 per person.
  • Alien Fiancees and Fiances Act

    It was used to expedate the entrance of foreignborn fiancess of members of the U.S armed forces that served in WWII. They were allowed to enter as a nonimmigrant temporary visitor for 3 months. But they had to show proof of valid marrige status within that time frame.
  • Bring Them Home Alive Act

    This act provides for the granting of refuge status in the U.S for nationals of certain forgien countries in with American Viertnam Way of Korean War may be present. If those nationals assist in the return to the U.S of those soldiers.