unit 2 flee map

  • french and indian war beginning

    -from july 3 1754 to 1763
    -ended when british major general james wolfe captured quebec from french
    -indians fought on both sides
  • writs of assistance

    -allowed sodiers to cheack any boats if they pleased
    -invasion of privacy
    -many collonist angered
  • treaty of paris

    -in fefruary 10 1763
    -ended the french and indian war
    -made french surrender all of canada
  • proclamation of 1763

    october 7 1763
    -prevented colonists from going west of the appalachian moutains
    -cplonist outraged
  • suger act

    -first british tax
    -help pay off for the french and indian war
    -march 24 1774
  • quartering act

    -colonists must provide food and shelter for british troops
    -march 24 1764
    -made many colonist angry
  • stamp act

    -a tax placed on all official papers and documents
    -one of many taxes put on colonists
    -passed march 22 1765
  • townshed acts

    -tax on all household items
    -colonists boycotted
    -was repealed
  • boston massacre

    -5 inecint people died
    -john adams defended the soldiers who fired on colonist
    - 2 charged with man slaugther
  • tea act

    -tax on tea
    -repealed in 1781
    -led to boston tea party
  • boston tea party

    -sons of liberty threw tea overboard on ships
    -dressed up like indians
    -led to the intolerable acts
  • intolerable acts

    -acts against boston tea party
    -boston harbor blockaded
    -could not hold town meetings
  • 1st continental congress

    met in carpenters hall philidelphia
    -all colnies sent represenatives except for georgia
    -were electid people from legislatures
  • lexington

    -first battle of the american revoulution
    -700 british vs 70 minutemen
    8 minite men killed americans lose
  • battle at concord

    • british chase minutemen from lexington to concord -hundreds of minutemen attack british -we win battle
  • 2nd continental congress

    =last chance at peace with olive branch potition
    -all thirteen colonies there
    -made george washington leader of the continental army
  • bunker hiil

    famous quote ;dont shoot till you see the white in there eyes .
    -america retreats
    - thousands of british killed
  • ft ticonderoga

    -The continental army takes cannons
    -Few soldiers at fort
    -fort built in 1775
  • common sense

    -written by thomas paine
    - used to get people on the americans side
    -It did get many patriots on there side
  • declaration of independence

    • us declaring independence -King outraged -we celerbrate july 4
  • battle of long island and new york

    -more like a siege than a battle
    George wasington retreats
    -british win
  • battle of trenton

    suprise attack
    defeat 800 hessians
    -week later we win preston
  • battle of princeton

    -week earlier we won battle of trenton
    -defeat 300 british at new jersey
    - Another suprise attack
  • battle of saratoga

    • british surrender all troops
    • french join in
    • spain joins in
  • winter at valley forge

    no exact date
    - from 1777 1778
    1/3 men die
  • treaty of paris

    we leave britian
    us wins war
    we are a free country
  • battle of yorktown

    we surrond cornwallis army
    - frnech help
    british surrender