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Tony Ciccoti

  • Tony Ciccotti was born

    Tony Ciccotti was born
  • Period: to

    Ciccotti's life

  • Period: to

    Tony's early life.

    Tony ciccotti lived in elmira for most of his life and workedat Benidicts fr a job. He usually played sports or played a card game for fun as a child
  • Perl habor

    Perl habor
    Tony hears bought the bombing of Pearl Habor and becomes encouraged and decides to join the AirCore to help aid the U.S. with WWII
  • Tony works

    Tony works
    From the day he joins to the day heleaves tony works hard to make planesfor WWII
  • Tony goes to london

    Tony goes to london
    Tony is moved to an air base near france to work on planes but has some usual freetime to go into london by train and skate or play cards.
  • Time in a fox hole

    Time in a fox hole
    Tony and a few of his freinds from the war have to spend 3 months in a Foxhole
  • D-Day

  • WWII ends!

    WWII ends!
  • Tony returns.

    Tony returns.
    Tony ciccotii returned homewith his two bronze medals and memories he is happy to have.
  • Tony starts his relaxing

    Tony starts his relaxing
    Tony gets to be home again and returns to work
  • Tony tells his story.

    Tony tells his story.
    Tony comes to Horseheads middle school and shares his story to students who definatly gratefull for him coming and telling his stories and facts abought his life.