Tom Sawyer

  • Jam

    Tom hides in the closet while Aunt Polly tries to find him, When she does, she discovers jam on his hands. To avoid punishment, he convinces her to turn around while runs away.
  • Hooky

    Tom skips school to go swimming.
  • Whitewashing

    Tom tricks his friends into thinking whitewashing a fence is fun, so that they will pay him to do it.
  • Bible

    Tom Trades tickets for a new bible.
  • Pinchbug

    Tom loses his pinchbug in church. The pinchbug bits a stray dog on the behind and chaos is created in the church.
  • Tom meets Becky

    Tom meets Becky
    Tom gets in trouble at school so that he can sit by the new girl, Becky Thatcher.
  • Tom and Becky get engaged.

    Tom asks Becky to become engaged to him.
  • Pirate

    Tom decides to become a pirate.
  • Graveyard

    Tom and Huck whitness Injun Joe kill the Doc at the graveyard.
  • Promise

    Tom and Huck promise not to tell anyone that they were there to whitness the murder.
  • Faking a death

    Tom, Huck, and Joe go off to be pirates while people back home think that they drowned swimming.
  • Tom Visits Polly

    Tom goes back to visit his aunt Polly while she is sleeping.
  • Funeral

    Tom, Huck, and Joe come back just in time to be at their own funeral.
  • Tom Reveals Injun Joes secret

    Tom Reveals Injun Joes secret
    Tom tells people what really happened at the graveyard and Injun Joe runs off.
  • Treasure

    Tom and Huck look for treasure and find it in a house that Injun Joe had entered.
  • Huck

    Huck saves the Widow by having the men scare Injun Joe off after he threatens her.
  • Injun Joe

    Injun Joe dies in the cave.
  • Gold

    Tom and Huck find the gold under a cross.
  • The Widow

    Huck begins to live with the widow.
  • Gang

    Huck leaves to join a gang.