Timeline of Wind Power by Hussain Qadri

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    The History of Wind Power Found from: http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/new

  • The first windmill was made.

    It was made in Glasgow, Scotland for the use of electricity.
  • 12kW wind turbine was made

    Professor Charles F. Brush builds a 12kW wind turbine to charge 408 batteries stored in the cellar of his mansion which ran for 20 years.
  • Wind turbines were made in rural areas in Denmark.

    Scientist Poul la Cour begins his wind turbine tests in a bid to bring electricity to the rural population of Denmark. Poul la Cour also founded the Society of Wind Electricians. La Cour was the first to discover that fast rotating wind turbines with fewer rotor blades were most efficient in generating electricity production.
  • Joe and Marcellus Jacobs open the Jacobs Wind factory

    The generators are used on farms to charge batteries and power lighting.
  • The first vertical The first axis wind turbine, the Darrieus turbine, is invented.

    Frenchman George Darrieus who in 1931 has it patented in the US. It is known for the appearance of its two or three blades
  • A precursor to the modern horizontal wind generator

    The turbine has a 30m tower and a 32% load factor, meaning it provides 32% of its potential energy output, pretty good even by today's standards. It is found in Yalta, former USSR
  • The world's first megawatt wind turbine is built.

    It is connected to the power grid in Castleton, Vermont. The turbine has 75-foot blades and weighs 240 tons.
  • The Gedser wind turbine is built

    IT is a three-bladed turbine that inspired many later turbine designs, and Juul's invention - emergency aerodynamic tip breaks- is still used in turbines today.
  • The United States government begins making wind turbines

    Thirteen experimental turbines are put into operation.
  • The world's first windfarm consisting of 20 turbines is built

    The windfarm however, is a failure as the turbines break down and the developers overestimate the wind resource.
  • In 1981 the 7.5mW Mod-2 is build by Nasa

    I(t broke the record for diameter and energy output.
  • The first offshore windfarm is created in Vindeby

    The windfarm consists of 11 450kW turbines.
  • The UK's first onshore windfarm is opened in Delabole, Cornwall

    The farm consists of 10 turbines and produces enough energy for 2,700 homes.
  • Installed capacity of wind power in the UK reaches 2gW

    It now produces 72mW of power.
  • The EU sets the UK government a target to increase the contribution of renewables to UK electricity to 20% by 2020

    There are currently 186 operational windfarms in the UK with 2,120 turbines creating enough energy to power the equivalent of 1,523,052 homes and saving 6,156,175 tons of carbon.