Three Cups of Tea

  • Pakistan declares independence

  • Period: to

    Three Cups of Tea

  • Grg Mortenson born in Minnesota

  • Greg and family move to Usambara Mountains, Tanganyika (now Tanzania), Africa, when he is three months old.

  • Greg's sister Christa born in Tanzania

  • Greg and family leave Africa and move to Minnesota.

  • Greg's sister Christa is diagnosed with epilepsy at age four.

  • The Soviet Army invades Afghanistan and stays for nine years.

  • Greg's dad, Dempsey Mortenson, dies of cancer in his late forties.

  • Greg falls on Mount Sill in California and is injured; Greg's sister Christa dies the same morning.

  • Greg begins his K2 climb.

  • Greg gets lost hiking out of K2, arrives in Korphe

  • Greg returns to the United States, and begins raising money for the Korphe school.

  • Construction starts on the Korphe School.

  • Greg iskidnapped and held for eight days inWaziristan, Pakistan.

  • The Korphe School is completed.

  • The United States invades Iraq.

  • Three Cups of Tea is chosen as required reading for intelligence training by the Pentagon and U.S. military.

  • Puffin Books publishes the Young readers edition of Three Cups of Tea.

    Dial publishes Listen to the Wind, a picture book by Gred Mortenson and Susan Roth.
  • I start reading Three Cups of Tea

  • I present my timeline for Three Cups of Tea