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In History
  • Birth of Hobbes

    Birth of Hobbes
    Born In England, and studied at Oxford University
  • Trip to Paris

    traveled to Paris to learn more about philosophy
  • Visited Galileo Galilei

    Visited Galileo Galilei
    in Florence while Galileo was under house arrest
  • Wrote The Elements of Law

    Hobbes described humans as, self centered and are motivated to do make their own lives better
  • English Civil war

    English Civil war
    sparked the idea of the Leviathan
  • Taught Charles II

    Hobbes taught Charles II mathematics after he traveled to Paris
  • Thomas Hobbes became ill

    during this time he got sick with an illness that nearly killed him but left him disabled for 6 months
  • Leviathan Finished

    Leviathan Finished
    His idea of a central government to avoid civil war and avoid the English civil war again
  • Last Philosophical Works

    De Homine fleshed out his ideas in Human Nature and the Leviathan
  • Death of Hobbes

    Thomas Hobbes past away from a paralytic stroke at 91 years old.
    and his last words were, "A great leap into the dark."