They Cage the Animals at Night

  • Event 1

    Jennings mother drops him off at The Home of the Angels.
  • Event 2

    Jennings meets Mark,a chubby boy who wears glasses.
  • Event 3

    Jennings meets Doggie, a tattered stuffed animal that becomes his best companion.
  • Event 4

    Jennings meets Stacy, a nice girl.
  • Event 5

    Jennings is taken in as a foster child. The family who takes him in doesn't feed him, and abuses him.
  • Event 6

    The husband in the family sees that his wife is abusing Jennings, so he brings him back to the Home of the Angels.
  • Event 7

    Stacy returns to her family.
  • Event 8

    Sister Clair lets Jennings keep Doggie.
  • Event 9

    Jennings returns home.
  • Event 10

    Jennings meets his brother Jerome. He has never met Jerome before because Jerome is sick.
  • Event 11

    Jennings goes to a new school, and to avoid embarassment he decides to take on the name Michael.
  • Event 12

    Jennings has to take the city bus home and he befriends his bus driver Sal. They both lived in homes as a child, so they develop a very special bond. Sal thinks of Jennings as his own son.
  • Event 13

    Sal's job moves him to the Bronx so Jennings can't see him everyday.
  • Event 14

    Jennings decides to run away to the Zoo.
  • Event 15

    Jennings learns that the reason he doesn't know his father is because his father is an alcoholic.
  • Event 16

    Jennings mom goes up to the roof to try and fix the antenna, but she falls through the roof and breaks many bones.
  • Event 17

    Jennings has to go to another home because his mom has been hospitalized.
  • Event 18

    Jennings and Mark reunite at this new home. Shortly after they reunite, due to Mark's heart problems he dies.
  • Event 19

    Jennings moves to near Stacy and they reunite. They become good friends, but Stacy eventually has to move.
  • Event 20

    Jennings is taken in by Officer Daily. But Jennings runs away to the Zoo.
  • Event 21

    Sal finds Jennings at the Zoo, because he knew that's where Jennings would be. When they reunite they tell each other that they love each other.