Postmodern Theatre History Timeline

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  • Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson was born in Waco, Texas and moved to New York in 1963 to change fields. In 1968 he founded an experimental performance company. It was called the Byrd Hoffman School of Byrds. In 1969 he directed some of his major work. He then started to work in opera in the early 1970's.Creating Einstein on the Beach with composer Philip Glass. This work brought the two artists worldwide. Following Einstein, Wilson worked increasingly with major European theaters and opera houses.
  • "The Homecoming"

    "The Homecoming"
    This play was written by Harold Pinter and it premiered in London in 1965 and 1967 in New York. The original Broadway production won the 1967 Tony Award for Best Play. Its 40th-anniversary Broadway production at the Cort Theatre was nominated for a 2008 Tony Award for "Best Revival of a Play". This play has much sexual tension between the characters and ends with a heartbreak.
  • "Travesties"

    "Travesties" is a play written by Tom Stoppard. The play is set in Switzerland during the First World War. The main character is Henry Carr, a British consular official. It goes through his memories and it's a maze.
  • "The Birthday Party"

    "The Birthday Party"
    This play was the second full-length play that was written by Harold PInter. It was first published in London by Encore Publishing in 1959. It was one of his best-known and most frequently performed plays. Harold Pinter wrote this play while touring in Doctor in the House. The play is about a little birthday party that turns into a nightmare when two sinister strangers arrive unexpectedly.
  • "Cloud 9"

    "Cloud 9"
    This two-act play written by Caryl Churchill. It was workshopped with the Joint Stock Theatre Company in the late 1978 and was premiered at Dartingtion College of Arts, Devon, on February 14, 1979. Act one is set in a British colonial Africa in the Victorian era and act two is set in a London park in 1979. The first act parodies the conventional comedy genre and act two shows what could happen when the restrictions of both the comic genre and Victorian ideology are loosened.
  • Arthur Miller vs. Wooster Group

    Arthur Miller vs. Wooster Group
    Arthur Miller sued Wooster Group, a New York group directed by Elizabeth LeCompte. Arthur Miller actually won the court case and it forced the group to remove a piece called "L.S.D" and portions of "The Crucible" to illuminate contemporary attitudes about hallucinogenic drugs.This was not the first time that the Wooster Group added parts of other plays to make a new play.
  • Samuel Beckett vs. JoAnne Akalaitis

    Samuel Beckett vs. JoAnne Akalaitis
    Samuel threatened to withdraw his "Endgame" from production at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge because JoAnne Akalaitis (the director) relocated the action to a derelict subway station and choose black actors in roles traditionally played by white performers. A legal settlement was reached and the play was allowed to be performed. The program did include a disclaimer from Beckett saying that it was completely unacceptable.
  • "The Comedy of Errors"

    "The Comedy of Errors"
    In 1987 "The Comedy of Errors" at New York’s Lincoln Center in which the Flying Karamazov Brothers (a comic juggling team) played the key roles and incorporated juggling and acrobatics into Shakespeare’s play. In the play they have someone playing Shakespeare and he balances an electric guitar on his bearded chin (Gussow). This play ignored previous distinctions between popular and high culture. Postmodernism often intermingled them as they do in this play.
  • "Bobrauschenbergamerica"

    "Bobrauschenbergamerica" by Charles Mee is an eclectic theatrical sampling of Americana inspired by the work of found object artist Robert Rauschenberg. This play is a postmodern, nonlinear collage that contains long monologues, non sequitur dances, intimate scenes, an assassination, and countless chicken jokes. Mee published his plays on his website and told artists to “ your own, entirely new, piece.”(pg 258)
  • "Fuerza Bruta"

    "Fuerza Bruta"
    It is a show that originated in Buenos Aires in 2003 and was created by Diqui James.The show was Off-Broadway in New York at the Daryl Roth Theater since 2007. The New York cast has been increased to 16 people, and more than 500,000 people have seen the show.