The War in Europe

By samr
  • Germany and Soviet Union

    Germany and The Soviet Union agreed not to invade each other.
  • Germany and Italy

    Germany and Italy become alliances
  • Japan

    Japan became known as the Axis
  • Germany renewed its blitzkrieg("lightening war")

    Germany renewed its blitzkrieg("lightening war") attacking Denmark and Norway
  • German Wehrmacht (armed forces)

    German Wehrmacht (armed forces) began its invasion of the Netherlands
  • Evacuation

    Evacuation began
  • Bomb in Dunkirk

    German Luftwaffe (airforce) bombed the port of Dunkirk
  • Evacuation completed

    Evacuation finally completed
  • France surrendered

    France surrendered
  • German massive bombing

    German Luftwaffe started massive bombing aimed at distroying harbours and shipping facilities in Southern England
  • Bombing raids

    Bombing raids targeted air fields and aircraft factories
  • German strategy shift

    German strategy shifted to bombing civilian targets
  • Japan invasion

    Japan was prepared to invade U.S and European colonies in Southeast Asia
  • Hitlers plans

    Hitler finally gave up his plans to invade Britain
  • Japanese bomb Pear Harbour

    Japanese planes bombed U.S Naval base in Pearl Harbour in Hawaii
  • Fall of Hong Kong

    Hong Kong fallen to the Japanese
  • USSR

    Germany lanched another offensive in the USSR
  • Soviet Union Allied powers

    Soviet Union now one of the Allied powers
  • Trade war

    Trade war finally began to turn
  • Germany Surrendered

    Germany surrendered
  • Allies cleared North Africa

    Allies cleared North Africa of Axis forces and could turn their attention to invasion of Europe
  • Canadian soldiers invade Sicily

    Canadian soldiers participated in the Allies invaston of Sicily
  • Soviets advancing

    Soviets were advancing into Eastern Europe towards Germany
  • Took over Italy

    Allies finally took over Rome but fighting continued in Italy until spring 1945
  • D-Day

    Allies launched "operation Overlord" a full scale invasion of Europe
  • Allied forces attacked Germany

    Allied forces attacked Germany
  • Canadians defeated German army

    The Canadians defeated German army in the northern city of Groningen.
  • Hitler committed suicide

    Hittler and his wife Eva Braun had committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin rather than submit to the Allies
  • German troops surrounded

    German troops in the Netherlands were surrounded, and they surrendered. Even before they surrendered Canada had begun to air drop food over parts of the Netherlands.
  • Germany surrendered

  • Canadian march

    Canadians marched through the streets of Dieppe, where only 2years earlier they had suffered a terrible defeat.